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Winners and losers quote

Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success. Sometimes a quote says it all, but often you’re left with the feeling that you’d like to make a change, but you’re not sure how to make it. One sure fire way is to read books on mental toughness. Click on the hyperlink […]

Lauren Burns – Fighting Spirit

Lauren Burns’ Fighting Spirit is a great autobiographical recount of a champion’s challenges and as the book’s title extolls, her fighting spirit. Even though I am not a martial artist, the play-by-play analysis was beyond my interest, the self-analysis and honesty revealed was quite remarkable and refreshing to read as she let us into a […]

Match #4: 2009 World Masters Games

What can I say? It all started with a nail biter I lost 10-12. I felt confident I could win this match. The next game went my way with an 11-8 win that wasn’t decisive, but it was a solid game. The next game was all over the place, he took it 9-11, once again […]

Match #3: 2009 World Masters Games

Well it happened again – I was up 2 games and then lost the next 2. But now I know what’s going on. I am in-between several improvements in my training and when I play to win, I win and when I let up and play not to lose I actually don’t win… It’s a […]

Match #2: 2009 World Masters Games

I know you want me to get to the point so I will – The first game was scrappy, I didn’t have my range or accuracy of shots. Yesterday’s match yielded 25% winners and a low percentage of unforced errors. The first game today was the exact opposite. My signature shots that were up yesterday […]

Inspirational Video

If you are ever feeling low on energy or self-motivation, watch this video. It will revitalise, re-energise and replenish your soul and spirit to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I watch it every few months to keep raising my own bar and self-expectation… Enjoy!

Cool Body Scan Animation

Every once in a while, someone sends me something that’s pretty cool that I just have to share with you – this is one such example from top equestrian Caylene Vincent of Ballarat, Victoria. It’s simple, but as an aficionado of the Champion Mindset, you are focused on health, fitness and wellbeing so seeing something […]

A Champion Knows His/Her Body

A champion gets to know the ‘ins and outs’ of his/her body. The more in tune you are with it, the better you can get it to perform when you it most. That being said, a colleague and top equestrian Caylene Vincent sent me the following stats that I am sure you will find both […]

What It Takes To MAKE You Into A Champion Can PREVENT You From Becoming One

It’s one of life’s paradoxes. What it takes to MAKE you into a Champion can PREVENT you from becoming one. That is a really deep thought. One worth reflecting on. You need the DRIVE AND WILL TO WIN, but that very drive and especially ego can PREVENT you from the goal you so aspire to […]

Mastery Is All About Self Awareness

I recently played with a squash Champion who recaptured his self-awareness his name is Dr Malcolm Simons. He was a squash legend in his day, I posted his results in this blog post on MasterMind Groups. Anyway… getting to the point – I was on the court with him and we both got a priceless […]