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The 5 Best Skate Events in the World

Originally deemed to be just a fad, the art of skateboarding is now satisfyingly ranking around the same level as rap and video games for sheer piss-off-your-parents ability. But that’s not the reason why people take up this sport – well for some maybe. It’s about creativity, expression, freedom, triumph when you accomplish that trick […]

5 health goals you should aim for in 2014

Staying healthy and fit is not just important so you don’t get in trouble when you visit the doctor. Instead, maintaining a certain level of health helps you live a long life, watch your children grow old and get more out of the time you do spend on this earth. Now that it’s 2014, what […]

Top 5 gym bag necessities

How many times have you intended to go for a workout session after work or school but forgot something and decided not to skip exercising and go home to the comfort of your couch… We all know the saying that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It seems a bit extreme to […]

The Best Bicycles of 2013

Cycling may have been getting some negative press following the Lance Armstrong Affair, but it is a growing sport, one that is quite popular with squash, tennis, racquetball and badminton players. In large part it’s because even though running and jogging are considered cross-training, they are also quite hard on the joints whereas cycling is […]

5 Must Have Skills Of A Cyclist

Being a cyclist is more than knowing a few tricks. Though doing tricks like the one wheeler is all good fun but when it comes to safety, it is not a must have skill. To be a cyclist is to know the road rules, know how far you can ride and where you are going. […]