New Squash Racket Sensor Predicts Your Chances Of Winning!

The newest racket sensor from Artificial Intelligence (AI) SPAC-funded Gull-E-Bull Global Ventures has a Machine Learning (ML) filament woven into the grip to measure 4 characteristics: Your confidence, stress level, arousal level and a proprietary variable they call ‘readiness’. These are mathematically combined according to a sophisticated predictive engine to determine if you should play your next match or just concede.

Finally, a face-saving technology to avoid the embarrassment of getting crushed 3-0!

The company reports 500 prototypes will be sold on Kickstarter as of April 15th, for less than the cost of a new racket, which means you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on one.

The company also hinted that the next revision will have a NUDGE feature to move your hand/grip to improve your shot execution, which is in the early Alpha stage of testing. Now THAT would be super cool!

Psst! I love April Fool jokes!

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