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Announcing a brand NEW squash racket DESIGNED for right-handed players!

This ground-breaking announcement has been a long time coming. The research and development has included international partners and technologies that have just come to market in recent weeks.

If you’re a squash player and play right-handed, you know that using just one side of your body has a cost. Your right forearm is bigger than your left and your left thigh (quad) and calf muscles might be more defined and developed than your right because you push off your left foot more often.

With the symmetrical imbalance in the vertical plane and shoulder rotational axes, there is an opportunity that can be exploited with a racket that is designed specifically to turn that disadvantage into a secret weapon.

The secret is because the racket LOOKS like any other racket. It’s fully WSF compliant in weight, length, width and thickness. It’s what’s within it that is the special ‘secret sauce’; the technological innovations that enhance performance for right-handed players.

The left-handed version will follow once the right-handed version is brought to market since less than 8% of competitive squash players are lefties, a much smaller market.

The science behind this technological marvel can’t be divulged just yet, but a A$10 non-refundable deposit to secure your racket can be made by clicking here. Please note there is currently a limit of one racket per family.

The first 10 rackets have been retrofitted to the Dunlop Biomimetic frame shown here with the special string mechanism to provide the secret performance benefits. Everything is included in the introductory promotional price of A$169.95 (including shipping Australia-wide. Outside of Australia, shipping will be A$19.95/racket).

Racket model: AFJ-2021

Even though no performance enhancement guarantees can be made, initial testing has shown the performance improvements to be (approximately):

  • For adult males: 0.6% per 3.5 Kg of weight. (e.g. an 80 Kg man would improve 13.7% whereas a 100 Kg man would improve 17.1%.)
  • For adult females: 0.8% per 2.5 Kg of weight. (e.g. a 40 Kg woman would improve 12.8% whereas a 60 Kg woman would improve 19.2%.)
  • For male or female children: On average, they improved 12.7% independently of age up to age 16, then were considered to be adults.

The results have been substantiated scientifically and corroborated with two independent technologies – the Racketware squash sensor and SwingVision (a great tennis app that was used for video AI confirmation).

Reserve this ground-breaking racket now with only a A$10 deposit today by clicking here.

Once all 10 prototypes are sold, the official launch price is expected to be A$249.95 – $269.95. The prototypes are discounted to get a ‘random’ sample of users before mass production begins to allow for last-minute refinements.

Even though the initial results are inconclusive, it appears the performance enhancements are twice as effective when the racket is used to play a left-handed opponent. More data will need to be collected before any such claims can be made, but it looks very promising. Just hope your left-handed opponent doesn’t get his/her hands on our left-handed model when it eventually becomes available!

How to make a slippery squash racket grip not slippery – GREAT HACK

Happy New Year

Squash or Tennis As Contact Sports?

Anyone who’s played squash realises that it can be a contact sport, but let’s hope it never degenerates to this level of protective gear requirements!

Squash Or Tennis As Contact Sports?

Why squash is a dying sport

Don’t get me wrong, I am a self-diagnosed squash addict and love the purity of the sport… That being said, it’s a dying sport in large part to failings by the people who (don’t) run it.

First and foremost, the territorial in-fighting between the various ‘organisations’ is killing the goodwill that MUST exist for a sport to flourish. Squash clubs won’t promote events at other clubs for fear of…. I haven’t figured this one out yet, but they don’t do it.

Instead of thinking exponentially, enabling, facilitating and enhancing their members’ experience, they hide and inhibit the growth of the sport that they need to grow.

Cutting their noses despite their faces. Continue reading ‘Why squash is a dying sport’

Phil’s Squash Odes

I found this lying around a squash club recently, I don’t know who the author is other than his first name is Phil. I thought it was worth sharing because (1) it’s pretty good prose and (2) I respect people who put themselves out there for other people’s fun and enjoyment. Thank you Phil!

Squash Men Players

We all come to hit the little black ball
some like to smash it against the wall
Others are so gentle
using angles and the feel.

We extend our bodies beyond their range
and in the mornings feel quite strange
for when the feet first hit the floor
us oldies stagger in pain to the dunny door.

The game is played indoors from the sun
but rain, hail or shine we do have fun
squashies are all very sincere
at the end sharing a beer.

Squash players come from far and wide
on a court there is nowhere to hide
the swing of the racquet heralds the start
throughout the rallies they try and stay apart.

At the front a drop shot squatting so low
as the opponent races in they’re struck by a blow
line an invisible wall
they crash in and try not to fall.

You miserable cad they let fly
tears running down their cheeks they cry
“Let please” the appeal to the referee
that is cheating as it all wafts free.

Orientation: What does it mean?

In a previous post, I introduced the concept of orientation. Today, I want to take the discussion a step further and explain how it affects what you do and don’t do in respect of your sports training. First and foremost, we have to discuss success and failure. I use the word outcome since it’s the first of the 4 Keys To Success that I teach in my Personal Mastery Programs.

From the previous post, how task-involved athletes primarily differ from ego-involved athletes is that with an ego orientation, the athlete will show (off) their ability at the expense of effort.

Owch! if you have an ego orientation, but KNOWING you have this orientation is more than half the battle.

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Flow and being in the zone

We’ve all experienced it – being ‘in the zone’… What an incredible feeling it is. Today, I thought I would clarify a few things about the ‘zone’ or as experts call it, the concept of ‘flow‘ which I think was coined by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, author of the book Flow. What you might not know is that flow is achieved when you experience a balance between external demands and internal skills.

Flow - Being In The Zone

Flow - Being In The Zone

When this relationship is 1:1 between difficulty and ability, the door opens and you can step into the flow. Because this is a balancing act, it’s a fleeting and rare experience. When the balance tilts with external challenges surpassing aptitude, anxiety is usually the result and conversely, when the balance shifts to your talent outpacing the demands made of you, you get bored, even sloppy.

You know you’re in the zone or flow when:

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Cell Language Theory

I’ve blogged about Dr Malcolms Simons before, the first time introducing him with a post on self-awareness, then recently sharing some of his Words Of Wisdom and now I want to share some of his professional expertise in molecular biology and then relate this back to having the Mindset Of A Champion.

Cell Language Theory

The concept of cell language has been defined in molecular terms. The molecule-based cell language is shown to be isomorphic with the sound- and visual signal-based human language with respect to ten out of the 13 design features of human language characterized by Hockett. Biocybernetics, a general molecular theory of living systems developed over the past two and a half decades, is found to provide a physical theory underlying the phenomenon of cell language.

Nerve Cell Language Chart

Nerve Cell Language Chart

The concept of cell language integrates bioenergetics and bioinformatics on the one hand and reductionistic and holistic experimental data on the other to account for living processes on the molecular level. The isomorphism between cell and human languages suggests that the DNA of higher eucaryotes contains two classes of genes–structural genes corresponding to the lexicon and ‘spatiotemporal genes’ corresponding to the grammar of cell language.

The former is located in coding regions of DNA and the latter is predicted to reside primarily in noncoding regions. The grammar of cell language is identified with the mapping of the nucleotide sequences of DNA onto its 4-dimensional folding patterns that control the spatiotemporal evolution of gene expression.

Such a mapping has been referred to as the second genetic code, in contrast to the first genetic code which maps nucleotide triplets onto amino acids. The cell language theory introduces into biology the linguistic principle of ‘rule-governed creativity,’ leading to the formulation of the concept of ‘rule-governed creative molecules’ or ‘creations.’

This concept sheds new light on molecular biology, bioinformatics, protein folding, and developmental biology. In addition, the cell language theory suggests that human language is ultimately founded on cell language.

What does cell language theory have to do with the Mindset Of A Champion? Continue reading ‘Cell Language Theory’

The Tools Of A Champion On Sale For 4 Days

As you know, I don’t sell very often on my blog. This is an exception because of a special situation that you’re going to want to be aware of. I explain it all in a short YouTube video. Even though it’s related to growing your business or career, click on the hyperlink to get the tools to become a Champion in business. I am not going to publish another post on this since I know that you’ll go check it out right away so you don’t miss out.

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