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Squash gets prime exposure in gorgeous Vancouver location!

This is what squash needs – more exposure in great locations like this one in Vancouver, Canada!

Commonwealth Games Infographic launched

The East Coast Squash Academy recently launched a colourful Commonwealth Games Infographic…. Have a look!    

Squash still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics

ALERT! Squash is falling behind wrestling in the poll of which sports should be included in the Olympics 2020 in “Inside The Games”, which is widely read by IOC members. So your help in voting and emailing/tweeting all contacts at your disposal and asking them to vote for squash at the following website would be […]

World Squash Day

You can do your bit to get squash into the 2020 Olympics by joining the worldwide initiative Back The Bid… The best way is to go to your local squash club tomorrow – October 20th and participation in what will become a World Record event… World Squash Day.

Lessons from a champion

I recently visited a bookstore in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast (Australia), which has a great collection of used books, and found the ultimate squash classic by World Champion Jahangir Khan aptly named Winning Squash. Once you’ve mastered the basic strokes and court movement principles, as an elite squash player, you need to get into […]

Crossing The Chasm Of Competence

If you’ve played a sport competitively, you know the frustration of being beaten by an opponent that you feel you can beat, but for whatever reason you can’t. I call that being on the wrong side of the Chasm Of Competence™. It’s when you don’t have the skill or ability to overcome your adversary… but […]

2011 Australian Masters Games Gold Medallist

Two years in the making (the games are only held every odd numbered year), this victory is particularly sweet… Undefeated throughout the competition, I didn’t even give up a single game, this year was my year. First the celebration, then the explanation how I made it happen…

How To Perform Your Best At Your Next Competition Or Tournament

Today’s blog post is important if you’re an athlete who regularly competes in tournaments. One of the foundational principles I teach (even my business clients) is: Planned Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance One of the key concepts is NOT to become superstitious – if you do, you’re putting yourself at risk for no good reason. […]

Why squash is a dying sport

Don’t get me wrong, I am a self-diagnosed squash addict and love the purity of the sport… That being said, it’s a dying sport in large part to failings by the people who (don’t) run it. First and foremost, the territorial in-fighting between the various ‘organisations’ is killing the goodwill that MUST exist for a […]

How much should you train?

I don’t know about you, but I never thought I’d see the day when Mark Spitz’s record of 7 Gold Medals would ever be broken. Primarily because athletes today are so specialised that it would take a super-human to win THAT many medals against the specialists… But Michael Phelps did it with 8 Gold Medals […]