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When you see your limits, you see your limits change

This 1-minute video conveys an important motivational mantra: “When you see your limits, you see your limits change”. That’s because you can’t change something you can’t see. Elite and High Performance athletes also know from Deliberate Practice Principles; you can’t improve something you don’t measure. Measurement in goal setting starts by being AWARE of the context and in this instance “perceived limits”.

Vertiball is a great product, if you’re in Australia and want to purchase it locally, you can do so here.

Pong Pal Table Tennis Ping Pong Ball Picker Upper

This is a great table tennis accessory especially when you have a Newgy Table Tennis Robot!


Turning negative self talk into positive affirmations

Negative self talk is hard to stop, but at least now you have a fun way to stop it!

Sports psychologists have known for decades that the mind can:

  1. Only have one thought at a time and
  2. It cannot focus on the REVERSE of an idea or thought.

What that means if you are a squash player, is that if you say “don’t tin the ball, or don’t choke or don’t boast“, the brain only hears “tin the ball, or choke or boast.”

You need to replace your negative statements with positive affirmation statements, as suggested below.



Negative self talk Positive Affirmation
Damn it! OK, next point.
F$@##$#%#!!! FOCUS!
Idiot /Stupid C’mon, you can do better!
Bad shot Think of the RIGHT shot
Shot is too good Next time I will be ready
Can’t get there I almost got to it
Lucky shot I’m next to get lucky
Bad call (by the ref) The next call will go my way
No let?!?!? Next time I will strike the ball
Stroke?!?!? OK now I know how he’s calling it (the ref)
It was up! I know it was up, the next time he will too!
(Serve called down/out) Focus – this is an EASY error to fix!

Yes You Can!

Since I started talking about orientation several months ago, quite a few people have been asking – is this something I can change or is this something that I am plagued with? The answer is YES, you can change your orientation. It’s one of the many things I teach in my Personal Mastery Programs because via a blog like this, all I can really do is inform and educate. To really influence your performance, I need to be much more interactive and involved with you.

But this is not a commercial for my products and services. If you want to get the Mindset Of A Champion, you can click the hyperlink and get it – it’s electronically delivered.

U TurnThis blog is all about introducing you to the concept of the Mindset Of A Champion. I try to fit in at least one blog per week into my busy schedule, so as a subscriber you’ll get as many as 50 tips and ideas – ALL FREE.

If you don’t want to wait and want to win sooner, just contact me and join one of our programs or start with a product and go from there.

Today, I just wanted to let you know what my clients know that YES! you can change your orientation – if you are ego involved, it’s going to be a struggle, but it’s a battle worth fighting – the war for your mind.

That’s a war you want to win.

It’s an on-going battle for all of us – casual, social, competitive and professional athletes alike.

That’s because we’re HUMAN.

Once we understand and embrace that, then we can start to USE and LEVERAGE that to our advantage. Therein in lies the Mindset Of A Champion – learning to think, perform and win like a champion, by using everything that’s available.

Often it’s one little thing that will make a BIG difference. Stick around and I’ll prove it to you in future blog posts.

If you want to purchase an inexpensive product and you’re a squash, tennis or badminton player, you’ll really enjoy Squash Lessons For Marketing.

The Tools Of A Champion On Sale For 4 Days

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How To Increase Your Grip Wrist Strength

As we all know, squash is about speed, quickness and agility combined with racket skills, eye-hand coordination and court sense. Jonathon Power is considered to be one of the greatest shotmakers in the history of the game, having perfected a wide range of drop shots and deception shots.

He was often a crowd favourite, partly because of his emotional outbursts and verbal exchanges with referees, which sometimes led to him being compared with John McEnroe. Power’s rivalry with Britain‘s Peter Nicol was one of the most famous and extended in the history of the game.

I recently bought a few of his training DVDs – I highly recommend them – come back to this blog for a post on where I got those – I don’t have that information handy right now…

Anyway – his ability to hit with pace is all about the strength of his wrist and grip – enter the Gyro Ball.

One of my squash partners, Michael watched the Jonathon Power DVDs I lent him and his Reticular Activation System (RAS) found the Gyro Ball.

If you want to increase your grip wrist strength you need to get your hands on a Gyro Ball. Buy the Lighted Blue version, I paid $69.99 for it.

To take a look at the instructional Gyro Ball Video <<< click here

That’s it for today – sometimes it’s a KEY tool like this that can make the difference between a loss and a victory in a pivotal match…

New Product Launched!

I have a new product called “The Mindset Of A Champion”… It’s just hot off the press. It’s a 2-part series on what it takes to excel at sports – any sport. You’ve heard about the Mindset Of A Champion, but what is “it” exactly? It’s a different way of thinking and acting…

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That’s it for today – a brief commercial… 🙂