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New Squash Racket Sensor Predicts Your Chances Of Winning!

The newest racket sensor from Artificial Intelligence (AI) SPAC-funded Gull-E-Bull Global Ventures has a Machine Learning (ML) filament woven into the grip to measure 4 characteristics: Your confidence, stress level, arousal level and a proprietary variable they call ‘readiness’. These are mathematically combined according to a sophisticated predictive engine to determine if you should play […]

When you see your limits, you see your limits change

This 1-minute video conveys an important motivational mantra: “When you see your limits, you see your limits change”. That’s because you can’t change something you can’t see. Elite and High Performance athletes also know from Deliberate Practice Principles; you can’t improve something you don’t measure. Measurement in goal setting starts by being AWARE of the […]

Pong Pal Table Tennis Ping Pong Ball Picker Upper

This is a great table tennis accessory especially when you have a Newgy Table Tennis Robot!

Turning negative self talk into positive affirmations

Negative self talk is hard to stop, but at least now you have a fun way to stop it! Sports psychologists have known for decades that the mind can: Only have one thought at a time and It cannot focus on the REVERSE of an idea or thought. What that means if you are a […]

Yes You Can!

Since I started talking about orientation several months ago, quite a few people have been asking – is this something I can change or is this something that I am plagued with? The answer is YES, you can change your orientation. It’s one of the many things I teach in my Personal Mastery Programs because […]

The Tools Of A Champion On Sale For 4 Days

As you know, I don’t sell very often on my blog. This is an exception because of a special situation that you’re going to want to be aware of. I explain it all in a short YouTube video. Even though it’s related to growing your business or career, click on the hyperlink to get the […]

How To Increase Your Grip Wrist Strength

As we all know, squash is about speed, quickness and agility combined with racket skills, eye-hand coordination and court sense. Jonathon Power is considered to be one of the greatest shotmakers in the history of the game, having perfected a wide range of drop shots and deception shots. He was often a crowd favourite, partly […]

New Product Launched!

I have a new product called “The Mindset Of A Champion”… It’s just hot off the press. It’s a 2-part series on what it takes to excel at sports – any sport. You’ve heard about the Mindset Of A Champion, but what is “it” exactly? It’s a different way of thinking and acting… To get […]