Mastery Is All About Self Awareness

I recently played with a squash Champion who recaptured his self-awareness his name is Dr Malcolm Simons. He was a squash legend in his day, I posted his results in this blog post on MasterMind Groups. Anyway… getting to the point – I was on the court with him and we both got a priceless lesson/experience out of it. He got back in touch with his self awareness on the court and I saw first-hand how a pro can not only take the pace OFF the ball, but to create his own pace REGARDLESS of how the ball comes off the front wall.

I sliced, I drove, I floated and I lobbed the ball – each and every time Malcolm created his own pace to hit his cross court nick drop shot – MASTERFUL.

Now that I have EXPERIENCED it first-hand I can now start the process of learning to mimic it to get the same devastating effect on the ball.

Champions like to help Champions get better…

Fun stuff!

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  • Your drive and determination for the squash court motivated me to get back on there after 20 years of not playing, and this was due to 5 arthroscopes, 1 reconstruction and 1 broken knee, I really believed I was too “broken down” to play. My husband has now joined me and I am motivated to keep playing and improving my game and how I play by 1%!


    Caylene Vincent

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