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How to protect your toes in your runners

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe(s) in your running shoes, you’ll definitely want to watch this short video.

Symptoms Of Overtraining

In a previous post, I discussed how much you should train and introduced the concept of overtraining with Olympic training anecdotes. I got quite a bit of feedback with one common question: How can I tell if I’m over training? From The Sport Psych Handbook, here are the physical and psychological symptoms you should look […]

MasterMind Your Way To Injury Recovery

The MasterMind concept is one that most people make much more complicated than it needs to be. In my book on MasterMind Groups, I distill them to their core essence, ethos and principles, but y’know what? It’s even simpler than that – take this example for instance… One of my squash partners inadvertently stepped on […]

Injured? Stop Playing!

If you’re injured and play on, you’re not taking into consideration that your body will compensate for it and potentially cause another injury. I recently hurt my foot – one of my squash partners stepped on it and bruised it. I kept playing on, figuring it’ll heal… Which it is – BUT one day, when […]

Serious Athletes BEWARE!

In the March issue of Men’s Health Magazine, I came across this interesting statistic of injuries for every 1,000 hours of training. This is something to be aware of. The stats don’t lie. SOMEONE is going to get hurt – it’s inevitable… Of course the exponential mindset is SOMEONE will get hurt – hopefully SOMEONE […]