What makes a great coach

We know from the Deliberate Practice Principles of champions that having a coach is a must. The video below is from a GREAT online table tennis coach Ping Sunday’s EmRatThich.

These qualities apply to coaches for all sports. China’s table tennis coaches are world-renown for their excellence and the reason their players and team (still) dominate table tennis at the Olympics and all other international (world) championships.

A good coach must be optimistic, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused on result-oriented goals as well as non-performance outcomes.

EmRatThich’s top 10 characteristics of a great coach are:

  1. Know a lot about the sport.
  2. Be a deep thinker and never stop learning.
  3. Love educating and helping others achieved their goals (dreams).
  4. Be a source of inspiration, leading by example.
  5. Respect the intimacy and confidentiality of the coach-athlete relationship.
  6. Pay attention to feedback, it’s essential for Deliberate Practice Principles.
  7. Be a good teacher by adapting to each athlete’s skill level and ambition.
  8. Have a good moral code and be disciplined to enforce and live it.
  9. Be committed and passionate to the sport and athletes.
  10. Be positive about the hard work and respect the commitment required of athletes.

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