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Squash In The Car Park

Not even Covid-19 can hold back squash fanatics!

Who would have thought you could ‘play’ squash in a Car Park?

Bottle Cap Challenge – Squash Version!

We’ve all seen the Bottle Cap Challenges, so we thought we’d join in and bring squash into the mix!

Squash still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics


Squash is falling behind wrestling in the poll of which sports should be included in the Olympics 2020 in “Inside The Games”, which is widely read by IOC members. So your help in voting and emailing/tweeting all contacts at your disposal and asking them to vote for squash at the following website would be greatly appreciated and very helpful to getting squash in the 2020 Olympics:


Squash 2020 – Back the Bid! Follow on twitter @vote4squash

2011 Australian Masters Games Gold Medallist

Two years in the making (the games are only held every odd numbered year), this victory is particularly sweet… Undefeated throughout the competition, I didn’t even give up a single game, this year was my year.

First the celebration, then the explanation how I made it happen…

Squash Gold Medal, 2011 Australian Masters Games

Why squash is a dying sport

Don’t get me wrong, I am a self-diagnosed squash addict and love the purity of the sport… That being said, it’s a dying sport in large part to failings by the people who (don’t) run it.

First and foremost, the territorial in-fighting between the various ‘organisations’ is killing the goodwill that MUST exist for a sport to flourish. Squash clubs won’t promote events at other clubs for fear of…. I haven’t figured this one out yet, but they don’t do it.

Instead of thinking exponentially, enabling, facilitating and enhancing their members’ experience, they hide and inhibit the growth of the sport that they need to grow.

Cutting their noses despite their faces. Continue reading ‘Why squash is a dying sport’

The Mindset Of A Champion – Get It From A Champion!

A friend sent me a link to a 2-day Squash Bootcamp with Former World #1 and current World #8 David Palmer in Sydney next week, January 6 and 7 2010.

David Palmer Squash Champion

David Palmer Squash Champion

Of course I jumped at this rare, one-time opportunity. The reason I’m blogging about it is because if you know anyone who’s an avid competitive squash player, this is a rare opportunity to spend time ON THE COURT with a WORLD CHAMPION… Send them this blog post link.

That’s it for today – stay tuned for some of the lessons I learn from David…

Match #5: 2009 World Masters Games

It all comes down to the last game… All the hard fought matches and games, all the training, lessons, routines and drills. When it’s all said and done – you have to enjoy it because losing the Bronze in 3 very close matches would otherwise be a heartbreaker. All 3 games were won by the slimmest point spread of 2 – These World Masters Games were the first to have PAR-11 scoring.

Don’t worry, I’m not heartbroken – the first match was 10-12, the second 15-13 and the last one 11-9. On the day, I couldn’t overcome bad referees (not biased, just terrible calls that totally upset the match momentum – for BOTH players, not just me). It simply amazes me that people who PLAY can’t REFEREE. But that’s a discussion for another day.

The lesson is quite simple for today – sometimes there is ‘no reason’, no in-depth analysis required – it could have gone either way – there can’t be less of a gap in points than there were in these 3.

I am proud to have played each game full-on and accept that I didn’t lose and my opponent won.

I do know however that within the next year, the situation will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT – I will be MILES AHEAD of where I am not and heading into ‘uncharted’ territory…

I know without a doubt I have the talent, skills and ability within me to completely re-think my game and my ranking and aim for the Top 10.

That’s what I take out of this competition – a top 20 ranking and the absolute conviction that the Top 10 is within reach – WITHIN ONE YEAR – not 3 or 4 as I had previously expected.

So yes, be disappointed for me because I wanted a medal, but trust me that this realisation is even more valuable to me than a medal.

This means I have something else to aim for way beyond my own previous expectations!

The only consolation is seeing a friend lose today – for the same reason – it could have gone either way – it went the other guy’s way.

That’s sport.

That’s life.

That’s the Mindset Of A Champion.

Match #4: 2009 World Masters Games

What can I say? It all started with a nail biter I lost 10-12. I felt confident I could win this match. The next game went my way with an 11-8 win that wasn’t decisive, but it was a solid game. The next game was all over the place, he took it 9-11, once again only a few points separating us. At this point, I’m thinking it’s still going to plan even though I am down 2-1 in games. All the preparation, planning and routines are still going to pay dividends.

The fourth game was another good effort, yielding an 11-7 win for me.

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Match #3: 2009 World Masters Games

Well it happened again – I was up 2 games and then lost the next 2. But now I know what’s going on. I am in-between several improvements in my training and when I play to win, I win and when I let up and play not to lose I actually don’t win… It’s a very slight nuance, but one that today became crystal clear, in hindsight. So, you want to know what happened in game 5?

World Masters Games Sydney2009I came out with all 8 cylinders and double barrels loaded – got up 5-0 and took the game 11-6 – with total power, pace and intensity that was firewalking, over-the-top full-on domination.

I felt good to finally figure this out. Of course in hindsight it’s always 20-20…

I suspected this was happening, but because I didn’t feel or think (self-talk) I was doing this, it was hard to pin point.

Throughout this competition I’ve felt confident, strong and in control – in the past I didn’t have this match confidence due to lack of experience. I’ve played less than 10 competitive matches in total, so to get to world-class competition this quickly means there are going to be gaps to fill.

More match play will fill this gap as will targeted training sessions once this competition is over.

Lessons of the day that I can share publicly are:

Once you ‘decide’ to win, something changes in your physiology, body chemistry and of course mindset. Sure this sounds self-evident, but anyone who’s competed and punched above his or her weight understands this pivotal shift.

I just hadn’t realised I had dialled it down one notch since my self-talk hadn’t changed – I wasn’t saying or thinking different things even though my body was.

The scores in this match were 11-6, 11-9, 9-11, 4-11 and 11-6. The third game was the one I should and could have put away, losing it by 2 points – that’s the lesson I’ve learned – to trust my instincts and abilities to red line it when it counts.

The other lesson was the preparation for today’s match – I did a few things to make sure I was ‘ready’ – in doing so, I noticed others who were also doing likewise – until today I had never even thought they would be there…

It’s confidential because at the top levels, everyone’s trying to get and keep the edge so I can’t divulge who and what they were doing because I wouldn’t want them doing that to me.

That’s the other lesson I learned today – the camaraderie is quite something. I’ve said it before how positive an environment it is with world-class competitors who are fit and healthy…

I obviously highly recommend it to anyone who’s feeling alone, left out or otherwise excluded. Any sport or group activity that is competitive will attract this positive and supportive environmental factor…

So that’s it for today – tomorrow’s match is another challenge – one that I look forward to.

Wish me luck!

Musings From The 2009 World Masters Games

You might not know her if you’re not a squash addict, but Sarah Fitzgerald is a phenomenon in women’s squash… I got to referee her match following mine. How cool is that? Who would have guessed? She is the epitome of a legend as you would expect – she has the pace and power of a man and the elegance, touch and precision of a woman which is why she is the ultimate female squash player we’ve seen in ‘our generation’. Plus she plays for fun and makes every game entertaining as she dominates her opponents with respect.

This is one of the many benefits of the lifestyle I have – if you want to be in and around legends, you just need to play YOUR GAME at the highest level – organise your life accordingly. Get better professional and business results so you can afford the time ‘off’ to do something like this.

There are 28,292 competitors 8,563 from overseas and 19,729 compete in 25 sports, in 5,574 separate events. Making this the largest multi-sport event in the world, dwarfing the Olympics.

If you want to start living a lifestyle like this, you need financial and physical independence to be able to afford travelling AND taking the time off ‘work’…

Check out our Exponential Programs to get you on your way to world-class results – be it in sport, leisure, music or other pursuits…