Announcing a brand NEW squash racket DESIGNED for right-handed players!

This ground-breaking announcement has been a long time coming. The research and development has included international partners and technologies that have just come to market in recent weeks.

If you’re a squash player and play right-handed, you know that using just one side of your body has a cost. Your right forearm is bigger than your left and your left thigh (quad) and calf muscles might be more defined and developed than your right because you push off your left foot more often.

With the symmetrical imbalance in the vertical plane and shoulder rotational axes, there is an opportunity that can be exploited with a racket that is designed specifically to turn that disadvantage into a secret weapon.

The secret is because the racket LOOKS like any other racket. It’s fully WSF compliant in weight, length, width and thickness. It’s what’s within it that is the special ‘secret sauce’; the technological innovations that enhance performance for right-handed players.

The left-handed version will follow once the right-handed version is brought to market since less than 8% of competitive squash players are lefties, a much smaller market.

The science behind this technological marvel can’t be divulged just yet, but a A$10 non-refundable deposit to secure your racket can be made by clicking here. Please note there is currently a limit of one racket per family.

The first 10 rackets have been retrofitted to the Dunlop Biomimetic frame shown here with the special string mechanism to provide the secret performance benefits. Everything is included in the introductory promotional price of A$169.95 (including shipping Australia-wide. Outside of Australia, shipping will be A$19.95/racket).

Racket model: AFJ-2021

Even though no performance enhancement guarantees can be made, initial testing has shown the performance improvements to be (approximately):

  • For adult males: 0.6% per 3.5 Kg of weight. (e.g. an 80 Kg man would improve 13.7% whereas a 100 Kg man would improve 17.1%.)
  • For adult females: 0.8% per 2.5 Kg of weight. (e.g. a 40 Kg woman would improve 12.8% whereas a 60 Kg woman would improve 19.2%.)
  • For male or female children: On average, they improved 12.7% independently of age up to age 16, then were considered to be adults.

The results have been substantiated scientifically and corroborated with two independent technologies – the Racketware squash sensor and SwingVision (a great tennis app that was used for video AI confirmation).

Reserve this ground-breaking racket now with only a A$10 deposit today by clicking here.

Once all 10 prototypes are sold, the official launch price is expected to be A$249.95 – $269.95. The prototypes are discounted to get a ‘random’ sample of users before mass production begins to allow for last-minute refinements.

Even though the initial results are inconclusive, it appears the performance enhancements are twice as effective when the racket is used to play a left-handed opponent. More data will need to be collected before any such claims can be made, but it looks very promising. Just hope your left-handed opponent doesn’t get his/her hands on our left-handed model when it eventually becomes available!

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