Overheard in a squash club locker room

Jeff: Yo Harry, why you think you lost the match yesterday mate?

Harry: I was feeling buggered mate, didn’t get much shut-eye last night.

Jeff: Yeah, same here, I was pretty knackered too. But that ain’t no excuse, you know what the best players do?

Harry: What’s that?

Jeff: They practice deliberately, even when they’re tired, that’s what separates the champs from the rest.

Harry: Go on.

Jeff: So yesterday, I was making silly mistakes like reaching out instead of taking the extra step, my racket prep was all off, I was tinning balls left, right and centre. You know why? ‘Cause my follow-through was weak, I was trying to end the rally too soon, I was feeling lazy, you know what David Goggins would say? I was being a soft b*tch.

Harry: Haha, that’s harsh.

Jeff: And my focus was all over the place, I wasn’t paying attention to my opponent and was getting caught off guard. But you know what I’m gonna do about it?

Harry: What’s that?

Jeff: I’m gonna train when I’m tired, do some court sprints at the start of the session, that way I’ll know how to play when I’m knackered. And I’m gonna use my sensor to track my racket prep and follow-through, make sure I’m not making the same mistakes. And I’m gonna practice picking up cues from my opponent, so I don’t get caught out even when I’m feeling buggered.

Harry: That’s pretty smart mate.

Jeff: Yeah, and my coach’s got these restricted games to train players to play when they’re tired, but not everyone’s up for the challenge, only the elite players are willing to give it a go.

Harry: Yeah, that’s for sure.

Jeff: You know what makes all the difference? The ability to self-diagnose and self-prescribe, that’s what sets the champs apart, mate.

Harry: You’re telling me, let’s get to work!

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