Inspirational Video

If you are ever feeling low on energy or self-motivation, watch this video. It will revitalise, re-energise and replenish your soul and spirit to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I watch it every few months to keep raising my own bar and self-expectation… Enjoy!

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  • That really is inspirational. It shows the power of focus and determination when applied to a noble goal.

    At one level I’m sure we all hope to be making a significant difference in the lives of others in both our personal and professional arenas.

    As someone who runs a product development company focussing on design for low cost electronics manufacture, I hope the products we develop make a difference to both the companies that manufacture them and also the people who buy and use them.

    Today I’ll be a bit more conscious of that.

    Thanks again Marc for such a profoundly moving example of what our true potential can achieve.

    Ray Keefe

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