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Match #2: 2009 World Masters Games

I know you want me to get to the point so I will – The first game was scrappy, I didn’t have my range or accuracy of shots. Yesterday’s match yielded 25% winners and a low percentage of unforced errors. The first game today was the exact opposite. My signature shots that were up yesterday […]

Match #1 2009 World Masters Games

I know you’re on pins and needles, so I’ll get right to it. I arrived VERY early for a friend’s match that was scheduled before mine… Seriously – the first match started with a lot of nervous energy that is symptomatic of the first and early morning matches. I won it 11-9 which is a […]

Why I Compete In Squash

This blog post explains some of the reasons why I compete in squash.

Match #3 2009 Australian Masters Squash Championships

Today’s result – a long, well fought 5-setter. I’ll save you the drama. The match was won fair and square by my competitor who was better than me on the day. I didn’t lose, he earned the victory and I learned priceless lessons. As I keep saying, we’re reasons or we’re results. This match and […]

Match #2 2009 Australian Masters Squash Championships

We are reasons or we’re results: Result today: I lost in 3 games to an equally talented left-hander. There are less than 1% left-handers playing squash in my age category = I don’t train for that eventually, so when it happens, I do my best and move on to the next match. No time to […]

Match #1 2009 Australian Masters Squash Championships

Game 1 I bolted out of the blocks to make sure I got my rhythm and confidence, not used to playing to 9 hand-out, it’s important I get a good start to each game. It started well, I won the ‘spin of the racquet’ to start serve and got the first point. I dominated and […]

Play By The Rules

I need your help – I am looking for the most up-to-date Squash rule book or video. If you come across a website that has them, please let me know. The only two sources I have found so far are noted below. I would like to find an e-book that explains all the rules graphically […]

Pilates Preparation For Greater Agility, Quickness and Speed

Squash is one of the fastest sports that relies on agility, quickness and speed. Agility to move to different places on the court, quickness to react to changing situations shots and opponent tactics and speed to actually get to the ball. With this in mind, a friend and Pilates specialist Bruce Hildebrand of www.balancecontrolpilates.com offered […]

What Is The Best Squash Site Or Blog?

I am looking for the best sites on Squash – if you come across any, please send them to me by posting a comment on this blog. I want to get the BEST information from coaches, trainers, players, tips, techniques including rules and refereeing, historical facts, training camps… If you happen to come across OTHER […]

The Vortex Of Mediocrity Is Stronger Than Gravity

Beware The Vortex Of Mediocrity -it’s stronger than gravity and will pull you down into its depths of amateur play every chance it gets. With no disrespect to the guys I was playing today… We sucked. For no good reason, we just totally and absolutely SUCKED. We were hitting brilliant and ‘B Grade’ shots within […]