Match #2 2009 Australian Masters Squash Championships

We are reasons or we’re results:

Result today: I lost in 3 games to an equally talented left-hander. There are less than 1% left-handers playing squash in my age category = I don’t train for that eventually, so when it happens, I do my best and move on to the next match.

No time to waste with something like that.

Lesson: In life and in business, we all have to pick the battles worth winning and losing to win the war. Trying to figure out how to play a good ‘lefty’ is not on my to do list.

Eventually, my skill set will supersede a lefty’s advantage, then the problem will take care of itself. I’m not there yet, that’s not my Next Best Step.

Yes, I live what I teach.

Sure it’s disappointing to lose when I ‘could win’ if he held his racquet in the other hand, but what’s great is I didn’t waste any time trying to win this battle – the ultimate war is a Top 32 ranking in the next World Championships which would take 2 equally talented lefties in a row for it to be worth worrying about.

I can live with those odds and sleep well at night.

Wish me luck in my last match tomorrow!

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