How To Increase Your Grip Wrist Strength

As we all know, squash is about speed, quickness and agility combined with racket skills, eye-hand coordination and court sense. Jonathon Power is considered to be one of the greatest shotmakers in the history of the game, having perfected a wide range of drop shots and deception shots.

He was often a crowd favourite, partly because of his emotional outbursts and verbal exchanges with referees, which sometimes led to him being compared with John McEnroe. Power’s rivalry with Britain‘s Peter Nicol was one of the most famous and extended in the history of the game.

I recently bought a few of his training DVDs – I highly recommend them – come back to this blog for a post on where I got those – I don’t have that information handy right now…

Anyway – his ability to hit with pace is all about the strength of his wrist and grip – enter the Gyro Ball.

One of my squash partners, Michael watched the Jonathon Power DVDs I lent him and his Reticular Activation System (RAS) found the Gyro Ball.

If you want to increase your grip wrist strength you need to get your hands on a Gyro Ball. Buy the Lighted Blue version, I paid $69.99 for it.

To take a look at the instructional Gyro Ball Video <<< click here

That’s it for today – sometimes it’s a KEY tool like this that can make the difference between a loss and a victory in a pivotal match…

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