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Inspirational Quote: The best is yet to come!

Your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come

Always remember that your current situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come

Your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come

Everything is nothing… with a twist

Everything - Nothing

Be Outstanding

Tweet - Outstanding

I know my recent blog posts have been lighthearted, because life is a balance between the serious achievement orientation that discipline requires and the creative, fun and adhoc contribution that humour provides. Taking life too seriously serves no purpose – it’s to be lived and enjoyed.

Success is in the journey – NOT the destination.

It’s easy to forget that…

Two Words

If you could write to your younger self, using only two words, what would they be?
Respond by placing a comment below.

Note to yourself - Two words

A picture is worth a thousand words

Today’s blog post says it better than (most) words ever could.

Life is to be lived, shared and enjoyed with others. Enough said.

Dr Simons Keeps On Ticking!

I’ve blogged about Dr Simons on numerous occasions quoting motivational stories his view on following your destiny and passion, his groundbreaking research on Cell Language Theory and of course some of his many Words OF Wisdom. Today’s post is an email I received from him this week…

I’m excited to show you Ann’s second art work titled “More than One Wisdom” that is hung in the Lobby of the Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center  (SYSUCC) in Guangzhou, China.

Some of you have seen the “Pillar of Life” triptych that Ann created in July with two Guangzhou artists which extends over two floors below ground level in the Radiation Center of the Cancer Center. The work can be viewed at Ann’s website, ‘Gallery’-(top right, then) ‘China Collaborative’ – 40 images and at

Since completion of “Pillar of Life”, a plaque has been erected, a picture of which I have attached.  The words are:

Ann Art Plaque Pillar of Life“This painting combines Western and Chinese styles.  The vine represents the interconnectedness of all life, reaching up towards the sun.  The branches consist of torn small pieces of DNA sequence paper; the code of life that is written in the genes of all living things.  Like the blue torn paper at the edge of the vine our lives can feel ragged and torn when we experience any change including the diagnosis of cancer which affects the lives of patients, their families and friends.  No matter how challenging, our lives are what we create out of whatever is in front of us. So we create whatever we can, looking for ways to contribute to the world during the brief time that we have on planet earth.  Ann dedicated this art work to her husband, Malcolm Simons, a cancer patient and a Professor at this Cancer Center, and to all other cancer patients. Ann and the local artists hope that this painting will contribute to the creation of a healing environment by bringing calm and comfort to patients, dedicated doctors, nurses and support staff, and helping to create a sense of hope in all who come here.”

Pearl River Cruise_Ann and MalcolmAnn and I have just returned from a third visit to Guangzhou.  A photo taken on a Pearl River Cruise will remind some of you how young one of us remains, and how the other is so happy to be aging, just by still being here!

At her meeting with SYSUCC President Professor Zeng Yi-Xin on this last visit, Ann came up with the idea of “More Than One Wisdom” when talking about my Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that she prepares for me.  The idea is that modern western medicine is a development from natural products having medicinal qualities.  Using materials from both Pharmacies (natural products, pill boxes, capsules, tablets, rice) and DNA paper, Ann created the work over five days that is shown in two attachments – one showing her manager assisting with erection, and the second a close up of the work.

Thank you for those of you who kindly ask how I’m travelling, now 8 years since diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma.  While Ann and I were in Guangzhou in September my myeloma broke out from a 15-month long ‘remission’ of wellness, the first hint of which was fracturing a rib by a seemingly innocuous cough.  Now, back home in Geelong, I’m reviewing experimental drugs under trial since there are no drugs remaining with proven clinical efficacy.  I’m very fortunate to have the choices that medical science continues to reveal, the privilege of which sustains my spirit.  If circumstances change for the worse, either I or Ann will notify you.  Otherwise, assume that every second of life is a joy, and any departure from complete wellness is being managed by the realisation that the alternative doesn’t bear contemplation!

Love from us both

Malcolm and Ann

Ann Art More Than One Wisdom Hung

Professor Malcolm Simons
Department of Experimental Research
State Key Laboratory of Oncology in South China
Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center
651 Dongfeng Road East,
Guangzhou 510060, Guangdong Province, PR CHINA
Tel: (+86)-13711316374

Simons Haplomics Limited
Founder/Chief Scientific Officer
Room A, 7/F, China Overseas Building
139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong SAR,  PR CHINA

How To Live: Steve Jobs

New year, new life, new destiny. But what destiny do you really want? That’s the question Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO answers with his commencement address at Standford University. It’s worth the 15 minutes to sit back, listen and ponder what you’re doing with yourself and your life in 2010. What I really like about this video is that hindsight is always 20/20, but what if you could have 20/20 foresight?

That’s what I teach my clients – 20/20 foresight – to connect the dots as Steve explains, by PLACING them in front of you instead of as a bread crumb trail behind you.

Imagine if it was possible to set a course to ANY DESTINATION, ANY CAREER, ANY GOAL…

Norman Vincent Peale said it first ” Whatever  the mind can Believe and Conceive, it can Achieve.”

It call it the ABCs of Personal Mastery.

It all starts by BELIEVING in yourself as Steve tells some of the brightest graduates…

The sad part is only a very small fraction will actually listen to what he’s saying.

If this resonates with you – contact us regarding our Personal Mastery Programs – we’ll help you achieve life balance without compromising your results because YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

You just need to know what “all is”!

A 17 Second ‘Cute’ Interlude

If you know me, you know I love all animals and I’m an absolute dog lover which kind of means I’m not really into cats. That being said, this 17 second YouTube video is so adorable, cute and funny that you just want to get this kitten and play with it all day long!

It doesn’t really matter where or how you get your inspiration.

It just matters that you get it.

Videos like this one inspires and recharges my soul and spirit every time I watch them. I have half a dozen video like this one that I can count on to give me that emotional boost.

It’s one of the strategies I teach in my programs to get into and stay in a peak performance state.

I mean c’mon, you simply can’t be in a bad mood after watching this video – and it only takes 17 seconds…

OK so it takes 51 seconds because you have to watch it 3 times, STILL THAT’S ONLY 1 MINUTE!!!

Never, Ever Give Up

Today’s post is something that is truly amazing… A close friend of mine was his room mate. This was TRAGIC when it happened, shocking us all that it would happen in Sydney AND to such a nice guy…

I don’t know about the whole miracle thing, but I do know that you should NEVER, EVER GIVE UP

Read the story here –> Sydney attack victim David Keohane wakes from coma!

Reasons Or Results

Watch this video if you think you’re having a bad day. Nick has no arms and no legs and inspires these kids to ‘Finish Strong’… Get out your tissues, this is one of those incredibly touching videos…

We are either REASONS or we’re RESULTS. Nick chose RESULTS even though he has ALL the REASONS anyone could ask for —

Are you going to finish strong?

Thank You to Laura Hamilton for passing this on to me (and you!)