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Let your mentors know how much they mean to you, while you still can

We all have a handful of people (perhaps even more if we’re fortunate) who have molded our lives and profoundly influenced who we’ve become. They come in various forms: bosses, colleagues, teachers, classmates, friends, acquaintances, family members, and even strangers who leave an indelible mark, permanently altering the course of our careers or life paths. […]

Antimimeticisomorphism: IKEA’s Inside the box thinking

This is just brilliant! Click here to see how IKEA was able to get 4,000+ applicants for 280 available roles without spending a cent on advertising! This is totally antimimeticisomorphic!

Success Versus Failure

Too many people look for the silver bullet, “the one solution” that will solve “all their problems”. Success and accomplishment are instead a collection of many small, incrementally important decisions that, when combined and allowed to compound over time, create amazing outcomes. Failure on the other hand is another matter… Avoiding the proverbial bus that […]

Antimimeticisomorphism: How To Ride A Bike

This video is a classic example of antimimeticisomorphism in action – think totally differently about something we all do, ordinarily, ride a bike. The extra-ordinary result is 45+ MILLION views. That’s totally exponential.

David Bowie R.I.P.

The world has sadly lost a true cultural and musical ICON – David Bowie. One of his many legacies is his 23-year love story with Iman. Below is a prescient tweet she posted two days before he passed…    

Inspirational mother creates a legacy for daughter

The “feel good” story below has a sad element – the mother is dying of breast cancer and creates a collection of cards for her daughter… It got me thinking about people who regret not spending more (quality) time with their families while they could… That, in my view is just as sad. Sometimes, […]

Inspirational Quote: Montreal gets into the swing of it!

A Sad Day For Romantics

If you’ve never heard of the Pont des Arts bridge that used to hold tens of thousands of lover’s padlocks… You are not a true romantic… Click on the URL above to see the removal of an iconic symbol of romanticism. I can’t believe the city of Paris was not willing to move the padlocks […]

Happy New Year!

Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2013

2013 has been quite a year. Below is a list of the top 10 blog posts of the year. Enjoy a quick review and use the tips and techniques to make 2014 your best year ever! Willpower is like a battery – How to stick to your goals like New Year’s Resolutions. Hyperbolic Discounting – […]