Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 7/7

This is the last of this incredible series of antimimeticisomorphic phenomena in nature. A circumhorizontal fire rainbow arc occurs at a rare confluence of right time and right place for the sun and certain clouds. Crystals within the clouds refract light into the various visible waves of the spectrum but only if they are arrayed […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 6/7

This is the second to last of the seven Natural Wonders of antimimeticisomorphism that occur without human intervention. True to their ominous appearance, mammatus clouds are often harbingers of a coming storm or other extreme weather system. Typically composed primarily of ice, they can extend for hundreds of miles in each direction and individual formations […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 5/7

This is the third to last in this series of Mother Nature’s antimimeticisomorphic behaviour… I can’t say I’ve seen any of these in Canada – While many see these apparently perfect ice circles as worthy of conspiracy theorizing, scientists generally accept that they are formed by eddies in the water that spin a sizable piece […]

Date With Destiny

If you haven’t been to Anthony Robbins‘ Date With Destiny – you’ve missed out on a magical opportunity to well, create your ultimate destiny. The program format and content cannot be summarised in a blog post, but what I do what to share with you is one of the PIVOTAL exercises where you come up […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 4/7

This is the fourth of seven occurences of antimimeticisomorphism that occur in nature. Just when you thought you’ve seen everything… Red tides are also known as algal blooms – sudden influxes of massive amounts of colored single-cell algae that can convert entire areas of an ocean or beach into a blood red color. While some […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 3/7

This is the third in a series of amazing natural phenomena… Blue holes are giant and sudden drops in underwater  elevation that get their name from the dark and foreboding blue tone  they exhibit when viewed from above in relationship to surrounding  waters. They can be hundreds of feet deep and while divers are able […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 2/7

This is the second edition of the antimimeticisomorphism series… When a thick lava flow cools it contracts vertically  but cracks perpendicular to its directional flow with remarkable  geometric regularity – in most cases forming a regular grid of  remarkable hexagonal extrusions that almost appear to be made by man.  One of the most famous such […]

Antimimeticisomorphism – Nature’s Example 1/7

This series will have you looking at nature in a completely different way. Over the next week, I will be sending you one example of Nature’s antimimeticisomorphic tendencies… I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it! The  mysterious moving stones of the packed-mud desert of Death […]

Scrapbook Your Successes!

Vision Boards are a great motivational tool – you should try scrapbooking – it can be a lot of fun – turning your dreary old photos and mementos into real keepsakes… like this one!

Then and Now

Below is a quick chart that a lot of people can relate to. I call it the Then and Now Chart. It’s not meant to be a value judgment, just a realisation some people have about some of the disappointments they have. Someone very wise drew this for me in my early twenties (and I […]