A top New Year’s Resolution: Learn a new skill

Every New Year’s millions of people sit down for their annual ritual, writing out their list of resolutions. Things they want to accomplish in the next year. One of the top categories is learning a new skill. But which one should it be?

This video lists 10 difficult skills that pay off forever.

10 Difficult skills that pay off forever:

  1. Work out CONSISTENTLY
  2. Personal finance skills (budgeting)
  3. Meditation and relaxation
  4. Verbal and written communication skills (in your active language)
  5. Waking up early (to get more important stuff done)
  6. Public speaking to more than 1 person at a time
  7. Get honest with yourself (and face reality as it is)
  8. Become a leader that others want to follow
  9. Improve your decision-making (and critical thinking skills)
  10. Listen actively for greater empathy, understanding and productivity

Learning new skills is hard, especially when you make a list of New Year’s Resolutions and try to do them all at once. That’s why you need structure and accountability to make more of your goals happen. Click here to find out how to achieve more of your New Year’s Resolutions with the My Best Year Ever Program.

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