Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Professor Dr Malcolm Simons RIP

I’ve blogged about Professor Dr Malcolm Simons on this and other blogs several times. I am sad to say Malcolm passed away on 25 January 2012, at 10.14 pm. “Dear Friends, He was surrounded by family and friends and achieved his wish to die peacefully and with dignity. He did this (as always) on his […]

Yoga class full, must be a new year…

I  just got back from my yoga class – it was full. Must be a New Year… Lots of people TRYING to make a change, based on their New Year’s Resolutions… What’s too bad is most will stop coming to class – probably before the end of January. Not surprisingly, 88 percent of New Year’s […]

New Year’s Resolutions… How Are They Going So Far?

There is no doubt about it, New Year’s Resolutions are a powerful tool to achieve goals, yet only a few follow up and follow through on their resolutions… Why is that? One simple reason is that most people forget that decisions are made every minute of every day and they add up at the end of […]

Time Honored Truths

Today’s collection of time honored truths is courtesy of Angela Muzyczka of Sydney’s Adult Shop in the CBD. They are a priceless source of comic relief that I know you’ll want to forward on to friends and family! Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, […]

Happy New Year!

Just to be antimimeticisomorphic, my Happy New Year wishes will be in multiple languages, courtesy of Rakesh Kumar who sent them to me via Linked In. Afgani Saale Nao Mubbarak Afrikaans Gelukkige nuwe jaar Albanian Gezuar Vitin e Ri Armenian Snorhavor Nor Tari Arabic Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair Assyrian Sheta Brikhta Bengali Shuvo Nabo […]