3 ways to deal with problems

The first way to deal with problems is: PERFORMANCE.

This means learning the best way to deal with each and every problem as it occurs.

Reactively, and with as much effort as required.

Imagine you have a bus to catch to get to work – Performance is being in great shape to run, really fast after the bus, so you can get on it.

People on the bus and on the sidewalk will be impressed with your athleticism, quickness and agility!

The second way to deal with problems is: PREPARATION.

The mantra Perfect Preparation Prevents P_ss Poor Performance says it all.

In this approach, instead of running like a madman for the bus, you get to the bus stop well ahead of time and wait for it.

It’s a lot less effort and much more efficient.

The third way to deal with problems is: PREVENTION.

I call it 20/20ForeSight and 20/20FutureSight to forecast, predict and anticipate the near and distant future respectively.

By having a sense of what’s coming, it’s much easier to be ready and effective.

Once again, imagine that bus you need to take to get to work. Getting the bus schedule to know when it’s going to show up at your stop means not wasting a lot of time waiting if there is a long delay between each bus.

This is the most effective and efficient way to deal with taking the bus… And you avoid being frazzled, sweaty and out of breath when you run for the bus.

But that takes A LITTLE EXTRA EFFORT in advance, to save A LOT MORE EFFORT later on and get a much better result, (calm, cool and collected ON THE BUS).



The next time you have a problem, try to assess what warning flags came up prior to the problem manifesting itself. These are called antecedents. By recognising them in advance, you can start to PREVENT problems (in the future) before they present themselves, which is a lot better than the alternatives!

When you become adept, your Reticular Activating System (RAS) will become like an anti-problem RADAR to minimise the obstacles that come in the way of your goals.

But it doesn’t happen without awareness and self-reflection!

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