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Lookin’ good…

I’ve blogged about this concept before. The beauty premium, erotic capital, why you can’t afford to be ugly and of course how tall people make more money than their shorter colleagues. You need to take pride in your appearance, not for superficial reasons, but because it makes a difference. And yet The Economist Magazine recently explained why attractive women should not include a photo with a job application. Even though the “beauty premium” is almost a quarter of a million dollars”.

What this means is that without focusing on the superficial aspect of looking good, there are quick, easy and inexpensive things you can do to look better and therefore improve your results – in your personal and professional life.


As a reader and/or subscriber to this blog, you know that it’s the little things that add up to make a big difference. The key is knowing what to do and then just… doing them!

I previously blogged about how to get motivated to make a change. Sometimes it means facing reality head-on, even though we don’t really want to. Sometimes the catalyst is thrust upon us, serendipitously!

The catalyst to change may be just one click away

Dream Believe ImagineI am all for positive thinking and optimism, but every once in a while we all need a good dose of reality to make that change we’ve been meaning to get around to…

This honest short “story” about a photo that changed someone’s life really hit home because it’s refreshingly genuine and honest. Self-awareness requires we see ourselves as we are and sometimes that’s not an easy thing to do.

Let me know if you come across any other life-changing photo or videos I can share with our readers.

Your perception is your reality

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”

Perception - As we are

This is one of those quotes that for me, recently, has been life changing – literally.

I have known and understood that YOUR perception is YOUR reality for a long time, but what and how that perception is warped and distorted has just recently come to light with the full appreciation of its influence. Several recent books have assessed and analysed this with fMRI and other analysis techniques to reveal the neurological evidence of how profound this new distinction is.

Not only is it based on how you are feeling right now, but it’s also been shown scientifically to be based on your personality predispositions which we have known for decades affects behaviour. What was not known is that perception is also distorted…

So that brings up the all-important question: Is it the distorted perception that creates the behaviour or is it the other way around?

Instinctively, I am in the perceiver camp – your perception affects your behaviour since I believe that you need to have a view of the world BEFORE you take action. That distorted, warped, modified, filtered perception is YOURS and ONLY yours.

Therein lies the challenge we all have – to reconcile our behaviour (our actions) within different and sometimes opposing (perceived) realities.

That being said, dealing with introspective insights like this is part of the journey we are all on. How you use and leverage them is what makes our Platinum Program unique and special. Imagine having access to this level of insight, self-reflection and awareness to truly craft the life(style) you want for yourself and your family…

It’s easier said than done, but with access to cutting edge research that is transforming how we see the world and ourselves, you will enter a journey of self-discovery that I promise will not only be enlightening, but equally rewarding – financially, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, socially and personally.

A holistic approach to life is no longer a “new age” approach. It is the only way to approach success and achievement.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions Cartoon

I don’t know if you “do” New Year’s Resolutions, but I do… It’s one of a handful of strategies that changed my life – literally.

New Year's Resolutions Cartoon

It’s a quick and easy thing to do, the challenge is to stick with it beyond February 1st!

Most people can’t even list 5 of their top 10 New Year’s Resolutions by the time Valentine’s Day comes around… Which reflects the poor results they get, however those that DO remember them achieve much more.

How much more?

A LOT more. I have developed a New Year’s Resolutions ‘system’ that I call My Best Year Ever. Click on the hyperlink and have a look. It’s not to late to make 2014 YOUR best year ever.