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3 ways to deal with problems

The first way to deal with problems is: PERFORMANCE. This means learning the best way to deal with each and every problem as it occurs. Reactively, and with as much effort as required. Imagine you have a bus to catch to get to work – Performance is being in great shape to run, really fast […]

Simon Sinek on Millennials In The Workplace

Simon Sinek provides a great summary of the conundrum of millennials in the workplace as a follow-on from Gary Vaynerchuk’s perspective on this “lost generation” and procrastination I blogged about recently.

The herd and propaganda

I recently received an email from an American (in California) explaining how to protect yourself from Ebola… I actually laughed out loud! This is a smart individual and after the laughter and giggling died down, I had to ask myself how can smart people be led to believe such ridiculous things? I understand that IN […]

What if you could go back in time?

Seriously, play along with me for a few minutes. What if you could go back in time? Would you approach, talk to or even dare to kiss that special girl or boy that captured your attention? Would you avoid that life-changing decision? Or would you MAKE that decision you originally avoided? Would you take or […]

Flaws and good intentions

I myself am entirely made of flaws stitched together with good intentions. I had not heard this quote before and I thought the visual was interesting. I wanted to share it with you to give you something to reflect on. Without wanting to sound judgmental or accusatory, what good intentions are you not acting on […]

Don’t Wait For The Applause

There are many times when you do stuff that needs to be done, for all the right reasons and no one is there to applaud you. No one celebrates a non-failure. That’s why politicians are so reluctant to err on the side or PREVENTION – they would rather deal with a CLEANUP effort than a […]

Live below your means, above your needs

That is a saying I overheard recently that is so powerful it’s all I really have to say. Think about what your means are and if you’re living at, below or above them. Then think about your needs – what are they really? Are they reasonable? Excessive? Low? High? I teach a concept called Voluntary […]

You get what you focus on…

Earlier this year, I spent 2 full days with squash legend, former World #1 and current world #8 David Palmer… What I learned from him has added 1-2 points to my squash game ALREADY. We ALL need coaches, advisors, mentors, but most people focus on LACK rather than opportunity and ABUNDANCE. The ABUNDANCE they want. […]

Progress Is Relative

Every once in a while I get an e-mail from a client that is so powerful that I have to share it with you. This one’s anonymous for obvious reasons. It puts things in perspective because UNLESS YOU take note of your own progress, you might not realise HOW MUCH YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING… This […]

Then and Now

Below is a quick chart that a lot of people can relate to. I call it the Then and Now Chart. It’s not meant to be a value judgment, just a realisation some people have about some of the disappointments they have. Someone very wise drew this for me in my early twenties (and I […]