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Don’t Wait For The Applause

There are many times when you do stuff that needs to be done, for all the right reasons and no one is there to applaud you. No one celebrates a non-failure.

That’s why politicians are so reluctant to err on the side or PREVENTION – they would rather deal with a CLEANUP effort than a costly avoidance of a catastrophe.

For example,the Brisbane CBD flood that could have been avoided/substantially reduced with advance minor flooding instead of the disaster it was.

In personal development (and sports mental toughness) it’s a hard concept for MOST people to understand.

MOST people are NOT champions. MOST people are CARIBOU, happy to be in the herd and not have to deal with extreme emotions and THANKLESS efforts.

That’s where maturity and self-knowledge comes in. Doing what’s right and necessary rather than what’s “quick and easy”.

I see it often with parents and their kids. The kid pulls a tantrum and they give in to the “easy” solution.

In one case, a friend gave in to his single daughter’s pleas to sleep in their bed on a REGULAR basis until she was more than 8 years old – all because he didn’t want to deal with ONE WEEK OF WEANING HER OFF THE HABIT (and deal with the nightly tantrums…)

An ounce of perspiration is worth a gallon of blood.

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