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101 Inspirational thoughts

In a previous post, I evangelised that you BECOME the Inspiration… I got quite a few (private) responses to that post that triggered finding the list below… Have you noticed that once you MAKE A DECISION to do ‘something’, magic starts to happen? You find stuff to help you out, people send you e-mails or […]

Become the inspiration

There is no time like the present to ‘BECOME the inspiration’. There are two stories being played out in the media these days: (1) the financial and stock market meltdown and (2) the catalyst for change – President Elect Barack Obama. You’ve heard enough about the financial fiasco, but you might not appreciate the Obama […]

Inspiration is a two-way street

Today’s post is from Gulliver. Gulliver works with me as our Results Catalyst. Please note: Only edits for style have been made. I realised today reading your Personal Mastery blog, that even though you play at a higher level, you face challenges just like me, you aren’t invincible, you aren’t superhuman. I never thought of […]