Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Antimimeticisomorphism: Recycling 1 of 2

Today’s blog post was sent to me by David Conroy of The Lone Drainer And Pronto. It’s another example of what happens when you think antimimeticisomorphically – doing out-of-the-ordinary things that produce extra-ordinary results!

Antimimeticisomorphism: The Modern Piggy Bank Account

Have you ever collected spare change in a jar or piggy bank? Well guess what? There’s a high tech way to do it now. Many banks and credit unions will top up your purchases on your credit card to a selected savings account – automatically. If you buy something for $10.73, the 27 cents are […]

Simplicity In Science

Einstein once said the goal of science and innovation is to “make things as simple as necessary, but no simpler.” Wise words to guide us.. This short video extols this concept revealing what top researchers are thinking to save millions of people from preventable diseases at little or no cost…

Antimimeticisomorphism: Creative Illustration

If you haven’t seen this before, the next 60 seconds will have you mesmerised. You’ll be thinking “who thinks of this stuff?’ That’s what I do for you as an Exponential Growth Strategist. I expose you to interesting, out-of-the-ordinary things that trigger your Reticular Activation System to seek alternative solutions to whatever problems or challenges […]

Antimimeticisomorphism: Instant Artist

I just saw Dan Dunn do this on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. It’s so incredible to watch, I won’t preframe you other than to say it’s mesmerising to see the final product ’emerge’ so quickly. If you come across anything like this, please share it with me. I’ll increase your website or blog […]