A 17 Second ‘Cute’ Interlude

If you know me, you know I love all animals and I’m an absolute dog lover which kind of means I’m not really into cats. That being said, this 17 second YouTube video is so adorable, cute and funny that you just want to get this kitten and play with it all day long!

It doesn’t really matter where or how you get your inspiration.

It just matters that you get it.

Videos like this one inspires and recharges my soul and spirit every time I watch them. I have half a dozen video like this one that I can count on to give me that emotional boost.

It’s one of the strategies I teach in my programs to get into and stay in a peak performance state.

I mean c’mon, you simply can’t be in a bad mood after watching this video – and it only takes 17 seconds…

OK so it takes 51 seconds because you have to watch it 3 times, STILL THAT’S ONLY 1 MINUTE!!!

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