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Save Our Planet, Join Earth Hour

If you’ve heard the world turning off the lights for an hour, it’s called Earth Hour and IT’S TODAY… It’s a SMALL WAY to make a BIG IMPACT on getting this message across and helping save our fragile planet. Click on the hyperlink >>Earth Hour << to REGISTER so your effort gets counted.

A Special Invitation – Exponential Quantum Reading

Today’s blog post is a special invitation to an event created exclusively for our most elite Platinum Program Members. Usually, you would never know this event occurred and would not get an invitation. I’ve decided to give you the opportunity to attend BECAUSE of the life-changing aspect of this one skill.

As a reader of this blog, you’ve demonstrated your commitment to the Exponential Mindset – doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results.

It’s a one-time-only event and I wanted give you the chance to consider it. You won’t get a reminder about this.

This is a private event – NOT publicly advertised. You won’t find it anywhere on our website.

Please give it serious consideration. This skill, as unbelievable as it sounds, works.

Read the e-mail from start to finish and ask yourself just one question:

“How different would my life be if I had this ONE skill…?”


Question: What could be better than Speed Reading?!?!

Answer: Quantum Reading
A Book In 1 hour!

Dear Exponential Mindset Enthusiast,

You should know by now that I have been speed reading for more than 10 years. I taught myself this priceless skill when I decided to go ‘back to school’ to do my MBA and Ph.D – FULL TIME.

Since I was a self-employed entrepreneur, I couldn’t afford the opportunity cost of closing my businesses to go back to school on a full-time basis. I didn’t consider the part-time study option because I don’t have the patience to take what would have been up to 10 years of study…

Just so we’re clear on the value of SPEED READING as a starting point:

If I can speed read at 1,800 words per minute and the average person can only read at 300 words a minute, that means I am 6 times faster.

It means I can read a bestselling book like The Tipping Point, Blink, Simplexity or Good To Great in 2-3 hours whereas the average reader will take 12 to 18 hours.

Those are costly hours. If someone values their time at only $100/hour, that means it costs them $1,000 to $1,500 MORE to read ONE BOOK than it costs me…

To put it another way – in the time it takes them to read 1 book, I can read 6. In the time it takes them to read 2, I can read 12. That contrast should hammer home the need to learn how to speed read NOW!

If you haven’t yet bought my speed reading video program – you simply must do it right now. Click here to DOUBLE YOUR READING SPEED IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS – GUARANTEED.

Have you heard of Quantum Reading? Some people call it ‘Photo Reading’ which I think is misleading. I’ve said over and over again that I didn’t believe it worked because I wasn’t able to find anyone who could teach me and convince me it can be taught to the average everyday person.

That changed last year when I was presenting at an event – Ioho DeBeer was in the crowd and claimed she could (1) read 25,000 words per minute, (2) she could teach me AND (3) teach anyone else.

So I called her bluff.

She trained me 1:1 with the condition that IF it worked and I was convinced it could be taught to others, that I would promote it to my clients.

But there was a problem.

Her course was 3 days long.

I couldn’t afford to spend that amount of time to learn ONE skill and neither could my clients, friends and colleagues.

So Ioho and I designed a SPECIAL EXPONENTIAL version of her Quantum Reading Course – JUST FOR YOU.

This is a one-time-only offer. One day, take-no-prisoners full-on approach to get through 3 days of content in one day.

Quantum Reading – The Exponential Version
Sydney 28 April
from 10 AM to 6 PM

(You can fly in and out on the same day, or stay overnight if you are
attenting the Killer Kopywriting Workshop the next day, 29 April.)

To be confirmed

>> Click here to register now – this is a one-time-only session <<

If you’re keen to make this QUANTUM LEAP – make the time – you’ll gain it back in the time saved Quantum Reading.

If you’re wondering how this works – you’re just going to have to trust me and take my word for it.

The only thing I strongly suggest is that you learn to speed read BEFORE you attend the first session. I believe it will greatly improve your chances of acquiring this priceless skill.

Quantum Reading, like any technique takes an investment of practice, but I am sure you’ll agree that consuming a bestselling business book in ONE HOUR means you could start to read 50 to 100 books per year EASY and that would have a DRAMATIC EFFECT on your income, wealth and/or career.

This is a one-time-only opportunity. I am not planning on promoting or scheduling another Quantum Reading event this year.

Speed Reading and Quantum Reading will become part of my Personal Mastery Program curriculum in 2010, but that’s a year away… You can’t afford to wait that long!

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. If you haven’t already, buy my Speed Reading Video Program – it’s only $47.
  2. Learn or practice the speed reading technique so it becomes ‘second nature’.
  3. Register for this Quantum Reading session – even if you’re not Sydney-based. Plan your trip to combine it with other business and meetings. We scheduled it the day before Killer Kopywriting to kill two birds with one stone.

Here’s what you will get:

  1. Ioho DeBeer’s Quantum Reading Course – the Exponential Version that is condensed to 8 hours to give you all the skills and techniques 3 times faster than the regular course with a $500 saving (because I have negotiated this special deal just for you.)
  2. Her regular follow-up sessions as part of the Quantum Reading Program.
  3. 2 Conference Call Sessions with me to make sure you are focusing on the Exponential Distinctions I have learnt as a Quantum Reader. These are insights I will only be sharing with my clients. These are the ‘2mm’ 1% Improvement Doctrine Distinctions that you have come to expect from me. They are the short cuts no one else knows about. I will personally help you make sure you get the breakthroughs you need to get to ‘consuming’ a business book in 1 hour.

If you have any doubts about this – it’s not for you.

I am only expecting 10 people to attend. This is not for everyone. In fact LESS than 1% of the population speed reads and only a small fraction of them ever go on to Quantum Read

If you want to learn this life-changing, career-accelerating, profit-enhancing skill, there is only one thing to do – make the decision now to attend. It’s the only chance you have this year. If you don’t attend this Exponential Edition, you’ll have to spend $500 more and 3 days to learn this skill.

Once the 10 people are registered, I will focus on other e-mails and won’t be promoting this again BECAUSE it’s really only for a very select group of people.

You’ve already decided to attend – just register to secure your seat.

>> Click here to register now – this is a one-time-only session <<

Due to the compressed format of this VERSION of the course, it’s not appropriate for grade school students. Only mature high-school and uni students should consider attending. If you have sons, daughters, nieces or nephews who you think are ‘up to it’, this is the gift of a lifetime.

Imagine how this can change a student’s life?

I know that I could not have achieved what I achieved academically, acquiring 5 university-level degrees without Speed ReadingQuantum Reading is EVEN MORE powerful.

That being said, there is no need to ‘sell’ this capability – you either value your time, education and training at this most elite level or you don’t.

As I mention in my Squash Lessons For Marketing, there are spectators, social players, competitive players and Champions.

This course is for Champions.

Champions who know they can Awaken The Genius Within themselves by learning strategies like this that will make them become a lot ‘smarter’ than they are with a lot less effort.

A one day investment (two evenings in this case) that pays off for a lifetime…

I need to say this one more time – this is a one-time-only opportunity in Sydney in 2009. I won’t be promoting this again until 2010. Just so you know… I don’t want anyone saying “but I thought you’d do this again soon…” I won’t until 2010.

>> Click here to register now – this is a one-time-only session <<

Make $500,000 in one weekend impossible?

This weekend, I’ve been on e-mail with a friend who’s struggling to have a breakthrough at work and I told him this story which I just had to share with you. It’s how I made $500,000 in one weekend back in 1988. it was Victoria Weekend, May 21, 22 and 23.

I started my first company in February of that year. I was so successful that we were operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I had to do something. I decided to automate the digital printing process for CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) files.

I worked 44 hours over 3 days. Literally only stopping to sleep and eat.

44 hours over 3 days. That’s +/- 15 hours a day over a 3-day long weekend.

My friends at the time spent the LONG WEEKEND going out, partying, sleeping in, going to dinner with family, cleaning out the garage, washing their cars, shopping, etc.

I invested in myself and my company. It didn’t kill me (since I am alive to tell the story).

The moral of the story is that I invested 44 hours that weekend and over the next 3 years I sold my ‘SuperCad System’ to over 50 companies across North America that generated more than $500,000 in sales from that ONE WEEKEND OF EFFORT.

7 years after-the-fact I reviewed the SOURCE CODE files and 90% of the files had NEVER BEEN UPDATED = that’s how good the programming was THAT WEEKEND.

What does this mean to you and my friend who is struggling to get a breakthrough?

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Success Is Not Just About Making Money

Today’s post is a short YouTube video I created that shows some of the countries and cities I’ve been to. It was created by Silvia who is based in Bulgaria, using Google Earth via You’ll have fun travelling the world with me…

Success is all about getting balance to live a lifestyle that is both rewarding and fun!

Two Intertwined Inspirational Stories

Today’s post is a long one. It might take you up to 2 or 3 minutes to read, but trust me – you want to READ the story to get it’s full impact and message. It was sent to me by Dr Malcolm Simons of


Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago . Capone wasn’t famous for anything heroic. He was notorious for enmeshing the windy city in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder.

Capone had a lawyer nicknamed “Easy Eddie.” He was Capone’s lawyer for a good reason. Eddie was very good! In fact, Eddie’s skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. Continue reading ‘Two Intertwined Inspirational Stories’


Today’s post was sent to me by Andrew Powell, a friend of mine in Montreal, Canada. It’s a short 1 minute video of a guy hit by a truck AND a train and lived to talk about it… I’m serious – he got hit by the truck that was hit by the train, 3 or 4 feet from the tracks – you just have to see this to believe it!

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait 10 seconds for the commercial to play before you can see this Incredibly lucky video. Click here —->

The first moral of this story is simple – if it’s NOT your day to go, it’s not your day…

The second moral of this story is – life is to be lived, you never know when your truck AND train will come. Live it to the fullest and savour every minute of it.

As you know, I competed in the 2009 Australian Masters Games last weekend – I spent it with motivated, healthy and positive people who I find truly inspiring. If you are not physically or socially active, why not take the first step THIS WEEKEND and do something athletic or social – get out there and give it a go…

This Is What A Silver Medal Looks Like!

I published a post last week about my Silver Medal Victory in the 2009 Australian Masters Games and quite a few people sent me congratulatory e-mails and wanted to see what the medal looks like, so I took an up-close picture just for you!

Dr Marc Dussault's 2009 Australian Masters Games Silver Medal

Dr Marc Dussault 2009 Australian Masters Silver Medal Squash

Thanks for all the great encouragement and don’t forget to go for YOUR GOALS and DREAMS!

How A MasterMind Group Gets Created

By now, you know all about the Exponential Mindset’s ability to Unleash The Exponential Potential that is within you and that the Law Of Attraction has a lot do with providing you with what you need, when you need it. A MasterMind Group is taking that concept and philosophy to the next level.

Today’s post is about a guy I met at the 2009 Australian Masters Games, his name is Dr Malcolm Simons.

Truth be told, Malcolm contacted me BEFORE the games because he heard that I was presenting “The Mindset Of A Champion” and was unfortunately unable to attend. He apologised for missing the presentation but said he was going to come watch me play one of my matches (squash) which he did.

That’s what Champions do.

He sent me this e-mail (presented here with permission):

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Playing Squash In The Rain Is Messy!

I don’t know what you did last weekend, but I spent it with 7,500 other athletes competing in 63 sports, across 70 venues over 10 days at the 12th Australian Masters Games in Geelong, Victoria.

That’s not quite the same number of athletes as the Olympics, but it sure is close!

I competed in the Men’s 45-49 age category in Squash.

My competition started bright and early on Friday morning with a 9:00 AM game that I won 9-0, 9-1 and 9-0 followed by a mid-afternoon match I also won 9-2, 9-1 and 9-0.

What a start to the competition!

My third match of the tournament was on Saturday morning, I won that one 9-2, 9-2, 9-4, putting me into at least a Silver Medal position and into the Gold Medal Match on Sunday.

This was the confirmation I needed that the drills and routines I’d been focusing on are working. I explain in my Mindset Of A Champion Program that you either win now or win later – if you win now (during training) you won’t necessarily win when the competition comes around. By practicing what you CAN’T DO very well, means you’ll lose points now, but you’ll start to win – hopefully in time for the upcoming tournament – later.

The Gold Medal Match didn’t go my way at all, I lost 9-6, 9-2, 9-4.

Dr Marc Dussault 2009 Australian Masters Silver Medallist Squash 45-49

Dr Marc Dussault 2009 Australian Masters Silver Medallist Squash 45-49

I spent two hours writing a detailed synopsis of the Gold Medal match (terrible refereeing), but have chosen not to include it here, because out of context, no matter how it’s written, it appears like a poor loser winging about losing which isn’t the point. There are countless lessons learned – the post was originally 4 pages long.

So instead I’ll simply tell you a story from a high jumper who competed at the Olympics (not sure which one).

He was the only one in his sport who trained in the rain for the high jump – JUST IN CASE IT RAINED at the Olympics…

It rained at the Olympics.

He won the Gold.

I will start ‘playing squash in the rain’ so that I am ready the next time it gets messy on the court!

Antimimeticisomorphism: A White House Example

I trust you’re enjoying this series of antimimeticisomorphic examples as much as I am. It amazes me how many different ideas people can come up with to challenge the status quo. Today’s picture is another example of thinking outside the square by manipulating a photo to make a ‘joke’.

Antimimeticisomorphism is all about having a different perspective, prism or viewpoint on things to stimulate people’s interest and move them to action. We are bombarded with messages on a daily basis which means for YOUR message to get through the clutter, you have to come up with something original and different.

Antimimeticisomorphism is when you ‘borrow’ an idea from one industry and apply it in another. It is truly exponential, but most importantly, it’s FUN!

President Obama's Wish

President Obama's Dream House - The Black House!

Today’s post was submitted by aren’t these folks antimimeticisomoprhic? Check out their website to learn exponential tips to declutter your home in fun ways.