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Squash At The 2020 Olympics?!?!?

The are many reasons why squash should be in the Olympics. Believe it or not, squash is still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics. If you want to see squash in the 2020 Olympics, click on the LINK below.


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More reasons why squash should be in the Olympics

Below is a list of why squash should be in the Olympics, but first, place your vote here: http://www.insidethegames.biz/polls/75-which-sport-do-you-think-should-be-part-of-the-olympic-programme-for-2020

  • It’s a growing, global sport, played in 185 countries on over 50,000 courts by youngsters, men and women of all ages
  • Genuine legends from across the globe [from Egypt, Malaysia, New Zealand to England]
  • All 5 continental regions have produced both male and female world champions
  • Global reach/increasing popularity in emerging markets [India, China/Hong Kong, Russia,
  • Popular in countries which are not traditionally dominant at the Olympic Games [Egypt/Malaysia]
  • Thriving, successful and well-established men’s and women’s tours
  • Spanning every corner of the globe from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa to Oceania
  • Unique ability to showcase a host city with full glass courts and small physical footprint enables squash to showcase a host city like no
    other sport [Pyramids, Hong Kong Harbour etc]
  • Easy and cost-effective to integrate into the Olympic Games with just 64 athletes, 2 competition courts and 5 day tournament schedule
  • Already played in every major multi-sport games: Including the Commonwealth, Pan Am, Asian and World Games
  • Afirst class anti-doping record, fully compliant with the WADA code – our record speaks for itself
  • The Olympic Games would be the absolute pinnacle for athletes
  • Squash personifies the essence of Olympic Sport: Gladiatorial, requiring peak physical fitness and chess like strategy to excel
  • Squash is the “world’s healthiest sport” [Forbes Magazine] Spectators feel part of the action/see and
    hear everything up close
  • It is the only racket sport where players share same space – ensuring unique flow/competitiveness
  • Teaches young people about tactics and movement; played by young and old alike
  • Squash – is driving growth & embracing change
    • Utilising latest broadcast technology
    • Electronic referee decision-making, video review and big-screen presentation of decisions
      Rolling out courts in urban areas
    • All-glass show courts, and glass floors adding a new dimension
    • World Squash Day [5 Nov] focus on attracting girls/women to squash

Why I love squash – high speed, slow motion video

Now that high-speed, super-slow motion technology has finally caught up to capture the lightning quick speed, super-human athleticism, thrilling drama and excitement of this beautiful sport, how could the world not fall in love with it? How can it NOT be in the Olympics?!?!


Squash still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics


Squash is falling behind wrestling in the poll of which sports should be included in the Olympics 2020 in “Inside The Games”, which is widely read by IOC members. So your help in voting and emailing/tweeting all contacts at your disposal and asking them to vote for squash at the following website would be greatly appreciated and very helpful to getting squash in the 2020 Olympics:


Squash 2020 – Back the Bid! Follow on twitter @vote4squash

World Squash Day

World Squash Day, 2020 Olympic Bid, You can do your bit to get squash into the 2020 Olympics by joining the worldwide initiative Back The Bid… The best way is to go to your local squash club tomorrow – October 20th and participation in what will become a World Record event… World Squash Day.