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Squash At The 2020 Olympics?!?!?

The are many reasons why squash should be in the Olympics. Believe it or not, squash is still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics. If you want to see squash in the 2020 Olympics, click on the LINK below. http://www.insidethegames.biz/polls/92-which-sport-should-be-added-to-the-olympic-programme-at-tokyo-2020 Make sure you forward this link to as many of your squash buddies as […]

Squash still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics

ALERT! Squash is falling behind wrestling in the poll of which sports should be included in the Olympics 2020 in “Inside The Games”, which is widely read by IOC members. So your help in voting and emailing/tweeting all contacts at your disposal and asking them to vote for squash at the following website would be […]

World Squash Day

You can do your bit to get squash into the 2020 Olympics by joining the worldwide initiative Back The Bid… The best way is to go to your local squash club tomorrow – October 20th and participation in what will become a World Record event… World Squash Day.

Get Squash In The 2016 Olympics

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from the World Squash Federation soliciting funding for the 2016 bid to get squash accepted as an Olympic Sport. As a self-proclaimed squash addict, I am going to do my share by donating 100% of the revenues from the sale of my product Squash Lessons For Marketing. […]