Today’s post was sent to me by Andrew Powell, a friend of mine in Montreal, Canada. It’s a short 1 minute video of a guy hit by a truck AND a train and lived to talk about it… I’m serious – he got hit by the truck that was hit by the train, 3 or 4 feet from the tracks – you just have to see this to believe it!

Unfortunately you’ll have to wait 10 seconds for the commercial to play before you can see this Incredibly lucky video. Click here —->

The first moral of this story is simple – if it’s NOT your day to go, it’s not your day…

The second moral of this story is – life is to be lived, you never know when your truck AND train will come. Live it to the fullest and savour every minute of it.

As you know, I competed in the 2009 Australian Masters Games last weekend – I spent it with motivated, healthy and positive people who I find truly inspiring. If you are not physically or socially active, why not take the first step THIS WEEKEND and do something athletic or social – get out there and give it a go…

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  • Marc,

    I am amazed everytime I watch this video. One or two seconds later, a little to the left or right and it probably would have had a different not-so-happy ending.

    I just wanted to say that I signed up with a local gym about a week ago, and I will meet my trainer next week. Though this also “amazing”- for me anyway:) , I wanted to tell you and everyone who reads your blogs the “WHY”.

    To make a long story short, it was the DAILY CONTRAST BETWEEN your blogs, your programs, your insights AND watching/listening to the people AROUND ME who seemed to simply “give-up” like they have no control on their life. The constant EXTREME contrast (yo-yo effect) was becoming too much, something just clicked one morning between still asleep and almost awake. I thought this is TOTALLY ridiculous and I ABSOLUTELY had to do something for myself…and I did.

    Thanks & have a Great day !

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