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How A MasterMind Group Gets Created

By now, you know all about the Exponential Mindset’s ability to Unleash The Exponential Potential that is within you and that the Law Of Attraction has a lot do with providing you with what you need, when you need it. A MasterMind Group is taking that concept and philosophy to the next level. Today’s post […]

Continuous And Never Ending Improvement Can Be Demoralising

Anthony Robbins’ Continuous And Never Ending Improvement can be demoralising IF you perceive feedback as criticism, badgering and condescension. I know when I take lessons from a ‘Champion’ level coach, I never feel good about myself during the lesson, but shortly thereafter I get a high that I can’t get anywhere else… Well almost ! […]


I hear it all the time – “You’re so lucky”… In fact I believe in the Law Of Attraction and that you create your own luck, just like these 5 people did. Watch this YouTube Video to see what REAL LUCK is! The point of this video is to get you excited about GETTING LUCKY […]