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Squash At The 2020 Olympics?!?!?

The are many reasons why squash should be in the Olympics. Believe it or not, squash is still in the bid for the 2020 Olympics. If you want to see squash in the 2020 Olympics, click on the LINK below. http://www.insidethegames.biz/polls/92-which-sport-should-be-added-to-the-olympic-programme-at-tokyo-2020 Make sure you forward this link to as many of your squash buddies as […]

Why I love squash – high speed, slow motion video

Now that high-speed, super-slow motion technology has finally caught up to capture the lightning quick speed, super-human athleticism, thrilling drama and excitement of this beautiful sport, how could the world not fall in love with it? How can it NOT be in the Olympics?!?! CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR SQUASH TO BE INCLUDED IN THE […]

Get Squash In The 2016 Olympics

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from the World Squash Federation soliciting funding for the 2016 bid to get squash accepted as an Olympic Sport. As a self-proclaimed squash addict, I am going to do my share by donating 100% of the revenues from the sale of my product Squash Lessons For Marketing. […]