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MasterMind Your Way To Injury Recovery

The MasterMind concept is one that most people make much more complicated than it needs to be. In my book on MasterMind Groups, I distill them to their core essence, ethos and principles, but y’know what? It’s even simpler than that – take this example for instance…

One of my squash partners inadvertently stepped on my foot a few weeks ago and it’s been sore ever since. As a MasterMind aficionado, I am constantly leveraging people around me and telling people things like this. Two days ago, I mentioned it to the ‘unoffocial’ President of my fan club [ 🙂 ] and he mentioned I should take anti-inflammatories… DUH!!!

Since I am anti-drugs and pharmaceuticals – I don’t automatically go to that solution when I have an ache or pain… I prefer the natural healing alternative, but in this case, it makes sense to ACCELERATE the process by reducing the INFLAMMATION and reduce the discomfort since NOT playing is not an option (more on that in a subsquent post).

So there you go – Ask people for help – talk about your problems, challenges, injuries… see what happens when the people around you contribute to FINDING A SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Injured? Stop Playing!

If you’re injured and play on, you’re not taking into consideration that your body will compensate for it and potentially cause another injury. I recently hurt my foot – one of my squash partners stepped on it and bruised it. I kept playing on, figuring it’ll heal… Which it is – BUT one day, when I played for two hours FULL-ON, I risked pulling my groin muscle because my body was over-compensating for my sore foot.

Not a smart thing to do. I won’t make that mistake again.

Lesson learned.

When injured – cross train or just rest. Even champions need to heal their wounds from battle. In fact, in contact sports like Rugby – the #1 problem is getting players to REST… To let their bodies heal themselves.

A champion can be disciplined enough to control his/her ego and the desire to go back on the court…