Injured? Stop Playing!

If you’re injured and play on, you’re not taking into consideration that your body will compensate for it and potentially cause another injury. I recently hurt my foot – one of my squash partners stepped on it and bruised it. I kept playing on, figuring it’ll heal… Which it is – BUT one day, when I played for two hours FULL-ON, I risked pulling my groin muscle because my body was over-compensating for my sore foot.

Not a smart thing to do. I won’t make that mistake again.

Lesson learned.

When injured – cross train or just rest. Even champions need to heal their wounds from battle. In fact, in contact sports like Rugby – the #1 problem is getting players to REST… To let their bodies heal themselves.

A champion can be disciplined enough to control his/her ego and the desire to go back on the court…

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