Top 5 gym bag necessities

Gym BagHow many times have you intended to go for a workout session after work or school but forgot something and decided not to skip exercising and go home to the comfort of your couch…

We all know the saying that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It seems a bit extreme to compare this with forgetting something as silly as your towel, but if one of your goals or New Year’s Resolutions) is to take your fitness seriously, you are failing before you even get started.

That’s why a reminder to consider the contents of your gym bag can be the difference between working out – or not. I have seen many use their gym or in my case squash or hockey bags as a personal rubbish bag, filled with everything from dirty socks and underwear to damp towels and food that is months (years?) past its expiry date!

Your gym bag should be filled with the items you need based on your personal habits and expectations after your workout. Consider these must-have gym bag items for your next workout session.

Gym Towel

One of the most often forgotten items is your gym towel. Unless you are a member at a high end club, the last thing you want to do is borrow a towel or use one provided by the gym. The reason a gym towel is often missing from your gym bag is because you probably don’t forget to take it out to wash it, but might not remember to put it back into your gym bag!
You can’t really go workout without a towel since you need to wipe down the equipment after you finish using it – no one wants to use a piece of equipment that is full of your sweat.


You’ve just finished your intense session and you’re ready to get on with the rest of your day. You may be feeling on top of the world with your post gym glow, but you can’t exactly head into work, or out with the guys or ladies sporting your natural cologne. Instead, you’ll want to have Lynx deodorant handy.

Post Work Out Snack

Replenishing your body post workout with healthy food is important. Proteins and carbohydrates are important if you want to increase your energy levels and stimulate recovery. However, a hectic lifestyle may mean you might not have the chance to sit down and enjoy a full meal immediately following a gym or workout session. This is where pre-packing your bag with healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts, fruit and pre-made sandwiches come in handy and easy to eat while you’re on the go.


Locker room foot fungus is prevalent in wet, damp environments like showers and changing rooms. If you plan on using the gym showers, protect your feet from Tinea by wearing thongs instead of walking around barefoot. It’s a small investment to avoid a chronic annoyance that is easily preventable with a little advance preparation.


Sure, water fountains can be found in most gyms, but if you’ve ever had to use them it can get very frustrating having to stop what you’re doing, wait in line just to have a sip of water, not to mention doing your best to avoid germs on the tap. It’s much easier and less time consuming to be able to have your water bottle handy.

iPod or iPhone

Let’s face it – most gym exercises get to be routine and can be boring. Without music, most people admit they would never get through their workouts so make sure you prepare your playlists in advance to get and stay motivated.
What can’t you live without when heading out for a workout at the gym? Tell us in the comments below!

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