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The Best Bicycles of 2013

Cycling may have been getting some negative press following the Lance Armstrong Affair, but it is a growing sport, one that is quite popular with squash, tennis, racquetball and badminton players. In large part it’s because even though running and jogging are considered cross-training, they are also quite hard on the joints whereas cycling is largely impact-free (as long as you avoid dogs running across your path and of course potholes!)

Bicycles are efficient, eco-friendly and fun to ride. Choosing a bike, on the other hand, is not a simple task. If you are in the market for a top of the range bicycle, here’s the best of 2013.

Best Triathlon Bike – Felt DA2 Triathlon

felt-da2-2Have you got the need? The need for speed? Felt DA2 will be your new best friend. With its aerodynamic brakes to the Felt TTR1 aero tyre, every detail is designed for cyclists who love to race against the clock. Speed isn’t the only key feature on the DA2 and when it comes to riding quality, Felts aero bikes always have a reputation for smooth, efficient, and energy-saving for long haul performance. The DA2 is no exception to this.

The Bayonet feature is Felts biggest drawcard. By moving the forks steer tube outside the frame, they have been able to increase front-end stiffness and ultimate steering precision, making it the fastest in the world. It’s also 20% lighter than other Ultra Hybrid Carbon Advanced performance bikes due to the high fibre resin ratio in the modulus materials. It also helps that the fat nosed saddle, makes for an amazingly comfortable ride.

Best Mountain Bike – Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc

Santa Cruz Tallboy LTcThis mountain bike isn’t just a pretty face. The original Tallboy took the cycling world by storm for its world class innovation, now their new model has set a new standard for the mountain bike industry. It’s been said that the Tallboy LTc, lets riders do the things that previously you couldn’t, or wouldn’t do.

Here’s what the judges of Bike Radar had to say ‘With an all-new front end including chain guide tabs, armour strips and a screw-through rear axle, the Tallboy LTc is both stiffer and hungrier for chaos than the original.’

Best Road Bike – Boardman Team Carbon 2013

Boardman Team Carbon 2013The Boardman Team Carbon give riders the benefit of the same frame that won gold in Beijing, but at a fraction of the cost. Coming in at less than a grand is a rarity for a carbon frame, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in durability.

The frame features an aerodynamic down tube profile, oversize box section, chainstays for amplified power transfer, internal rear brake cable routing and improved gear cable routing through the head tube. Thanks to its comfy wishbone seat, the Boardman Team Carbon is best for weekend riders who prefer cruising at a leisurely pace.

Best BMX Bike – Kink Launch 2013 BMX Bike

Kink Launch 2013 BMX BikeThis is the best budget BMX on the market. Although, you have to assemble it yourself, your local bike specialist can put it together for you a matter of minutes – check out 99bikes.com.au for a rough pricing guide.

It’s a sturdy machine that you can take on any type of terrain, from trails, to streets, to ramps. The Kink Launch is ideal for beginners to the sport and gives riders an easy to learn system with a high end feel.

What do you look for when buying a new bicycle? Tell us in the comments below.

5 Must Have Skills Of A Cyclist

Rex Boggs - www.marcdussault.comBeing a cyclist is more than knowing a few tricks. Though doing tricks like the one wheeler is all good fun but when it comes to safety, it is not a must have skill. To be a cyclist is to know the road rules, know how far you can ride and where you are going.

The following are five skills every cyclist should have…

1. Road Rules Smart

Just like with cars, there are fines for cyclists too. Stop lights, stop signs and every other road sign applies to you as well because you are a road user. Follow them and stay safe. Be ready to show your identification to authorities when a breach of the road rules has occurred. Always signal your turn before making it. The right way is to look back before indicating which direction you are travelling with your arm. Ride in the direction of traffic and if dismounted travel in the opposite direction of traffic.

2. Have the right equipment

Every cyclist needs a helmet, a working brake system and lights. In the early dawn hours and late at night, cyclists need to have white front lights and a red rear light or reflectors. This is to let cars know where you are riding and maintain a good safe distance from them. As for braking, know to brake specifically in an emergency. Lean back and put your weight over the rear wheel and brake hard. This can save you in lots of situations. Such as if a car suddenly brakes in front of your path. To ensure that you have the best bike, invest in one that champion riders use. Merida has some good ones on offer http://www.merida.com.au/

3. The moves

The bunny hop – Just lift your bike while riding. This move can help you avoid obstacles on the road and in the bush.
No hands/One hand – This is a matter of balance and either move can help you. With one hand you can readjust an uncomfortable helmet, grab your drink bottle and signal a turn. As for the no hands move you can cheer when you win a race or knock on a car window when they get too close for comfort.

Stationary Balance – Where you stand balanced with both feet on the pedals. This move saves your energy when you are waiting for stop lights to change or when you need time while approaching a difficult turn. This move also comes in handy when you have a slower rider in your way.

4. Power-to-weight ratio

This ratio helps you calculate how long and how fast you can travel according to your weight. To calculate your power-to-weight ratio, divide your body weight in pounds by 2.2 to convert it to kilograms, and then divide your weight into the average power from a 20- or 30-minute time trial. The lighter you weigh, the faster you can cycle.

5. Be resourceful

Map out where you are travelling and keep supplies handy. A small backpack carrying a map, phone, identification and money is handy. Also water to keep you hydrated. Bikes come with a special clutch to hold your water.