Where I get my motivation

A lot of people wonder where I get my motivation from…

Which is a hard question to answer because it’s the circular logic of RESULTS motivate me to get RESULTS that motivate me to get RESULTS…

That being said, I’ve been optimising my YouTube videos as part of my 1% improvement regimen.

In the last week, I increased my average views by 50% and 100% in the last month as shown below.

I don’t know about you, but that’s motivating!

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault
Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist

I hear the REASONS all the time why people don’t get RESULTS.

The thing I don’t get is why people resist doing the 1%. I’m not being simplistic here, I really mean 1%. I spent MINUTES producing these results, not hours.

Tony Robbins calls it Continuous And Never ending Improvement (CANI!) and it works by COMPOUNDING the results which is why it’s truly exponential.

That motivates me and KEEPS me motivated.

Wouldn’t you be pumped and juiced if this was happening to your YouTube videos?!?!

So there you have it – where I get my motivation… R-E-S-U-L-T-S.

2 Responses to “Where I get my motivation”

  • Hi Marc,

    That’s excellent. Doing 1% different every day is suppose to be quite easy, as we say it, taking baby steps every time. However, just like a baby who just learn to walk, taking the first step seems to be the hardest and it applies in our life too. People tend to find taking the first step/action is the hardest part, however once you get yourself into the action, it will get easier. And as you said, CANI, a baby does not learn to walk in 1 day, it started by crawling and taking that first step, until one day he will be able to run. The same applies to our life in whatever we are doing and committed to achieve.

    Rainier M. Pancrazio of http://www.buyhomerepair.com

  • Hi Marc
    Okay so I finally got my first YOuTube video done last night. I knew it was my next best step, so this is what I did. I am a bit of a perfectionist (which stops me often from taking action) and this is how I tricked myself into just getting it done: I set it up as a trial, just to play around with the video camera as I am not used to it, so then I got one take that was reasonable (still not as good as I want it) and I decided to use it. So watch this space, it will be up in a couple of days.
    To all those perfectionists out there having the same problem, get over yoursef and get started. Once you have done it once it is easier to do it again, things will never be perfect.

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