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How are you doing on your 10-day challenge?

Today’s post is really 3 or 4 things all wrapped into one. I tripped across something that I just had to give you and it all fell into place from there… Funny how that happens eh? You know all about my 1 percent improvement doctrine that I have ‘spoken’ about on this and my other […]


I recently released part two of my 1 percent improvement concept, you can view it below. As I edited this YouTube video, I realised that there is a part three that is so fundamental that I need to insert it in here until I record the third instalment of the series Unfortunately, when I talk […]

Success is like a carrot

I’ve been reading a book called “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath, which I highly recommend – it’s on my Linked In Reading List. The premise of the book is that some ideas ‘stick’ and are remembered whereas others are quickly and easily forgotten. That’s why success is like a carrot…

Aim for the center of the green – NOT the hole (in one)

I am not much of a golfer, I have played a TOTAL of 20 rounds of 18 in my entire lifetime… But I can usually play a round under 100 which is better than most social golfers. That is a blog post for another day. I wrote about the concept of stop doing what’s holding […]

Where I get my motivation

A lot of people wonder where I get my motivation from… Which is a hard question to answer because it’s the circular logic of RESULTS motivate me to get RESULTS that motivate me to get RESULTS… That being said, I’ve been optimising my YouTube videos as part of my 1% improvement regimen. In the last […]