Continuous And Never Ending Improvement Can Be Demoralising

Anthony Robbins’ Continuous And Never Ending Improvement can be demoralising IF you perceive feedback as criticism, badgering and condescension. I know when I take lessons from a ‘Champion’ level coach, I never feel good about myself during the lesson, but shortly thereafter I get a high that I can’t get anywhere else… Well almost :mrgreen: !

Continuous And Never Ending Improvement is a concept that must be used with Transformation Vocabulary when you indulge in your self-talk. If YOU start to badger and de-motivate yourself, you are triggering and reinforcing the Vortex Of Mediocrity and you need to STOP IT!

Only YOU can STOP IT!

Because YOU are the one who started it!

Transformational Vocabulary is magically powerful in its reach and effect.

For example, when I am being coached and I learn all the ways NOT to hit the ball, NOT to approach the shot, NOT to make the stroke, NOT to setup the point, I now have a FULL recipe of things to AVOID and STOP DOING.

That is priceless AND it while it hurts the ego, it’s ONLY temporarily.

You can win now, or win later… Your choice.

I prefer to win later – at the tournament when it COUNTS. But that’s me.

The worst thing that can happen is to PAY for a lesson and find out there is no room for improvement. What a waste that would be.

That has never happened BECAUSE I tell my coaches to hold NOTHING back – if they think I’m slack, I give them the PERMISSION TO TELL ME – DIRECTLY.

And they do.

So if you have a mentor, coach, advisor or REAL friend who gives you constructive feedback – TAKE IT and REVEL in it!

It’s rare that someone will be ‘real’ or authentic with you – MOST people tell you what you WANT to hear, not what you NEED to hear…

You NEED to hear where you can IMPROVE and yes often, that is hard to hear.


Or don’t.

If you don’t, you’ll be forever within the Vortex Of Mediocrity – not a good place to be, unless you want to be average…

But if you just wanted to settle, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post would you?

Stay tuned for transformational vocabulary suggestions coming to a blog near you!

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  • Hi Marc!

    You know it’s funny how things happen for a reason. Recently, I experienced similar challenge where I was rather annoyed at comments made about my work performance and I honestly believed that I had tried everything possible. This experience became my vortex of mediocrity (V.O.M) and it is an uncomfortable place.

    Breaking out of this vortex is easy and hard at the same time..because your ego is involved. You are correct in saying that the ego may be bruised temporarily but it is just that, TEMPORARY!

    Here are a couple of distinctions that has helped me break out of this @#$@#$ V.O.M.!

    1. Write down mind maps as to other possible actions so as to change the focus of the mind from problems to solutions instead!
    2. EXCEEDING expectations MUST be the NORM in order to be OUTSTANDING to get EXCELLENT REWARDS – this is the 2 MM difference!
    3. No 2 is the basis for delivering 10x more value than what the client is paying for your service.
    4. In my opinion, “doing your best” can be equated as being MEDIOCRE, AVERAGE! The only other option is to ALWAYS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS! I just realised that this is what Tony Robbins has been doing for his seminars! He exceeds expectations on a consistent basis and hence he is rewarded handsomely.

    After years working as a professional did I realise that Exceeding Expectations must be the standard that I must live my life day to day! After this BREAKTHROUGH, my head just got full of ideas as to how to make this a reality in all aspects of my life.

    Thank you again for your timely blog containing valuable insights.

    To Your Health and Wellbeing!

    Rainier M Pancrazio

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