Become the inspiration

There is no time like the present to ‘BECOME the inspiration’.

There are two stories being played out in the media these days: (1) the financial and stock market meltdown and (2) the catalyst for change – President Elect Barack Obama.

You’ve heard enough about the financial fiasco, but you might not appreciate the Obama story and how it can apply to you…

BECOME the inspiration.

That’s right, when you get depressed or discouraged, BECOME the inspiration that others look toward for THEIR guidance, leadership and motivation.

BECOME the inspiration.

Think, act and feel as though YOU are the source of power, intelligence, solutions and boundless possibility.

Deepak Chopra said it best when he said:

Release yourself from the expectation of the outcome so you can tap into a discontinuity gap in the universe to instantly synchronise with a non-local correlation that will trigger a quantum leap of creativity and innovation to help you manifest infinite knowledge and boundless possibilities enabling a conspiracy of improbabilities that create your ultimate destiny.

Easier said than done?

Actually I think you’d agree that in this case it’s easier done than said!

With that in mind, trust your ‘gut’ instinct and do what is brave, courageous and adventurous without being reckless. Do what you know is right and needs to be done.

BECOME the inspiration and you’ll be fuelled with energy, enthusiasm and passion like never before. People will reward you in magical ways by following your lead when you…

BECOME the inspiration.

Onward and upward!

This is a concept about ‘being’ – let your intuition guide you. If you don’t know how to do this, you need to read Laura Day’s book called “Practical Intuition”. It’s a great book with a title that is self-explanatory.

It’s for anyone who knows that if they tap into their greater sense of self, they can be truer to who they are and as a result produce better results with a greater sense of authenticity and sense of ‘wellbeing’.

I realise this might be little ‘out there’ as a concept, but you know as well as I do that there are countless moments when you have a choice to make and when ‘inspired’ or ‘unmotivated’ it’s easy to take the easy way out, one that sub-optimises the result or outcome…

Make the RIGHT decision that you KNOW and FEEL is right and just observe how that transforms who you are, how others see you and the results you produce.

In these tumultuous times, there is no greater need for inspirational leaders which brings me back full circle to President Elect Obama – he is an inspiration to hundreds of millions AROUND THE WORLD because this is HIS TIME to..

BECOME the inspiration.

Make it your time too.

4 Responses to “Become the inspiration”

  • This is something I am working with right now. Over the last few years I have become increasingly aware that this inner voice, this inner guidance system, called “intuition” or “gut feeling” is the critical missing link in how I (and many others) are making important decisions with potential long term consequences.

    It is stated by many commentators that those who have accessed more of the right side of their brains, or who have achieved a greater synchronicity between the two sides of the brain, tend to be more intuitive hence more attuned to and aware of the messages and guidance coming from within. Those who are strongly left side of the brain people – i.e. more linear and analytical in their thinking style – seem to have more difficulty in uncovering and attuning to their intuitive capability.

    I have been working with a NLP trainer to assist me to remove beliefs that have been inhibiting my ability to open the door more to inner listening and being able to recognise and trust that inner voice. I will certainly read Laura Day’s book and I have already placed my order. I just returned from the USA where I workshopped with about 30 highly experienced entrepreneurs and almost all of them confirmed how they relied on their intuitive capability and awareness to make important decisions.

  • Chris,
    Thank you for your insights and contribution, I am sure readers will find value in what you’ve said, as I have.

    In fact, it triggered a thought that I wanted to share with readers to give them a tangible way to inspire others…

    Give them praise and recognition.

    Give it openly and generously and don’t expect any reciprocation.

    See what happens!

    If you want to do it online, you can do it quickly and easily by giving someone you know a recommendation on their Linked In Profile. My profile is at

    If you do choose to give me one, thank you in advance, but please don’t stop with me – give others you care about, admire and respect the same gift.

    The Law Of Attraction will do its magic and start to create positive outcomes…

    Outcomes that we will all benefit from.

    Onward and upward!

  • My thoughts went off in a slightly different direction after reading this.
    Aren’t we all a source of inspiration for our clients all the time?
    In fact if we weren’t a source of inspiration for them, would they buy from us?
    I was taught by my mentor early on in my NLP Coaching and Training career that part of me represents the desire that my clients want to fulfill for themselves. So if I don’t hold myself to a higher standard then I am not really serving my clients well. I am often reflecting on how well I am doing in this regard which is why I am holding myself to a high standard regarding my health, relationship, business etc. Sure there is always lots that can be improved, and I think the very fact that I am constantly aware of it, helps me to keep the standard high and serve my clients well.

    And of course I benefit from it too.

    Yvonne McIntosh

  • I read in one of Kiyosaki’s book that there are 3 parts of the brain:

    1. Left brain which is associated more with linguistic, logic, and interpersonal intelligences.
    2. Right brain is the creative part which is associated more with pictures, art, music, imagination/visualization.
    3. Subconscious brain which is actually the most powerful part of our mind, since we actually use 90% of our subconscious mind and only 10% of our conscious mind.

    Most of us have been educated to focus on only one part of the brain which is the left brain. In that sense, we all can be very very good in using our left brain but we do not know how to utilise/maximise the strength of our subconscious brain.

    Hence, we normally know what to do but we are not necessarily doing what we know because our fear of failing in our subconscious brain hinder us from taking action. So, it can hold us back. If we learn to use all 3 parts of the brain in harmony, it will increase our success results.

    And by setting a higher standard for ourselves, we too can and will become the source of inspiration to people around us whether they are our clients, friends, or family. Of course, this also depends on whether that person wants to improve him/her self and learn to improve/make progress.


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