Don’t Wait For The Applause

There are many times when you do stuff that needs to be done, for all the right reasons and no one is there to applaud you. No one celebrates a non-failure.

That’s why politicians are so reluctant to err on the side or PREVENTION – they would rather deal with a CLEANUP effort than a costly avoidance of a catastrophe.

For example,the Brisbane CBD flood that could have been avoided/substantially reduced with advance minor flooding instead of the disaster it was.

In personal development (and sports mental toughness) it’s a hard concept for MOST people to understand.

MOST people are NOT champions. MOST people are CARIBOU, happy to be in the herd and not have to deal with extreme emotions and THANKLESS efforts.

That’s where maturity and self-knowledge comes in. Doing what’s right and necessary rather than what’s “quick and easy”.

I see it often with parents and their kids. The kid pulls a tantrum and they give in to the “easy” solution.

In one case, a friend gave in to his single daughter’s pleas to sleep in their bed on a REGULAR basis until she was more than 8 years old – all because he didn’t want to deal with ONE WEEK OF WEANING HER OFF THE HABIT (and deal with the nightly tantrums…)

An ounce of perspiration is worth a gallon of blood.

You have no one applauding your efforts – YOU NEVER WILL.

It’s sad. It’s not fair. It’s life.

It’s why CARIBOU stay in the herd. It’s easier not to venture out.

I know this doesn’t really help motivate you, it just explains that there is NO MOTIVATION coming.

You have to be INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED (from within).

If not, you’ll eventually lose your drive and determination.

You need to believe it’s all worth it.

When you lose that belief, then it all unravels pretty quickly.

Don’t hold on for that reason. Hold on BECAUSE you know this patch of S_ _ T HAPPENING is temporary.

It can and will get better – everything happens in waves. Right now, you might be at the bottom (or near it).

That means there is only one way —- UP!

Stick with what you’re doing and it’ll be a great story to remind yourself of the perseverance, tenacity and devotion you had – to yourself, your ideals, principles and your family.

That’s why you want to do this – BECAUSE IT’S WHO YOU ARE.

You would not want to be anything less.

The ultimate YOU you can be.

Someone to be proud of.

A legacy no one can ever take away from you.

A legacy that will continue to pay off for a lifetime and BEYOND – because it does and WILL have an impact on your family, friends and acquaintances.

You are the start of the ripple that affects the universe.

Stick with your plan and tap into your personal power.

You Are The Voice.

You Will Lead Not Follow,

You Will Believe Not Doubt,

You Will Create Not Destroy,

You Are A Leader.

2 Responses to “Don’t Wait For The Applause”

  • Yes Marc

    There is no immediate gratification
    Working back on a Friday night when the rest of the world is celebrating Friday
    It can be lonely at the top
    But it is a beautiful view up here

  • Marc,
    Just a quick comment/feedback. You blog entry has come at the best time. Your words of wisdom couldn’t be any truer !

    I have been at “that” place for a little while. It’s a challenge and it’s important to NOT get dragged down into the spiral of self doubt or ANY negativity that may be around you as you work YOUR WAY UP and OUT of a situation.

    I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and things are beginning to change – thanks to your help.

    Ride that wave that will bring you to your next destination !


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