Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale

Every once in a while someone sends me something that is nothing short of AMAZING.

This video is one such example – it needs NO introduction, NO explanation. That is how good it is, no make that excellent, no scratch that – OUTSTANDING!

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  • On the topic of the mystery, beauty and potential to tap more and enrichen communication and connections: It is fascinating and a mysterious wonder the collaborative intelligence of individually low IQ insects, like ants, bees and termites. It is beautiful to see the murmurations of starlings. How do they do that.

    Then we see intelligent humans and typically we laugh at how chaotic, poorly aligned and poorly harmonized we can be acting alone. It can require such a lot of work to create the artificial systemization and integration from the art of business process experts to define what it is they do and make that repeatable and integrate the many processes across many functional silos to create a coherent coordinated large scale businesses (for example business transformation projects using SAP software for Enterprise Requirement Planning projects).

    Then you see something like this and see how easy and natural it is for people to synchronize and communicate to do something right first time when they come together. In nature, there is highly organised, repetitive and building blocks of mathematical patterns, vibrations and music. At the quantum level, the consciousness of the observer influences the outcome of the test, just be observing. This is something we do not fully understand yet. In this age of greater technological reach to support and enable connections and communication, I suspect we may be able to learn to have more of us operate with richer connection, both individually and collectively.

    Notice how musicians Beethoven, Mozart, Britten all composed music, often appearing perfect first time in their head. Then Nicola Tesla a scientist working mostly with electricity would have his inventions appear in his mind, complete. Some that have such experiences say that it was just out there and they just had to attune to it for it to appear in their minds. So this could be an individual type of connection beyond themselves? We can not prove this yet.

    So what about collective consciousness, we generally don’t like the idea of hive mind and group think, we want to be separate from that. However where is collective consciousness useful, There are many who have suggested that meditation as a group is stronger, at least for beginners to attune to. Also there are those who believe that group focus manifesting healing as if it has already happened by those who are well trained has had results.

    Certainly master mind groups and group brainstorming is useful, but most people and most businesses do little of this. I wonder if there is much more we can learn to do and that we have not even done yet that we can learn to make repeatable with aligned purpose and learning to connect and communicate more richly with great intention and passion. Who is curious enough to seek out and bring more of this together in their lives and for others?

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