Antimimeticisomorphism – anatidaephobia

Antimimeticisomorphism is one of those unique concepts that when you grasp the full value of what it can mean to your business and life(style), you literally won’t want to look back(wards)….

Especially if you suffer from anatidaephobia!

Mimeticisomorphism, Ducks, Fear Of Ducks

Anatidaephobia Definition

How scary can a fee ducks actually be?!?!?


Antimimeticisomorphism - anatidaephobia


Antimimeticisomorphism - anatidaephobia - duck herd asleep


Thanks to Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours in Melbourne, Australia for sending this through… The link to Antimimeticisomorphism is that if you are part of the herd, you can only expect to get average results. If you want to get extra-ordinary results in your business or career, contact us and we’ll show you how while still having fun!

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  • There is an old saying in the USA. “You can’t soar with the Eagles while you’re scratching with the Turkeys”. I guess you could add “or hanging with the Ducks” to that.

    We have certainly found that what you’ve said is true Marc. Our approach to electronics development doesn’t follow the traditional method of doing everything in series and worrying about manufacturing last. And that gets our clients results that are way better than average.

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  • Ducks are amazing, graceful creatures.

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