97% Off Your Grocery Bill?…

Even though saving coupons is much more prevalent in the United States than it is in Australia or Canada, this short video shows how someone with concentration of focus can achieve extra-ordinary results like save 97% of the grocery bill. It’s a short video that explains how she does it. I challenge you to watch it and take notes – I am sure there is AT LEAST ONE MONEY-SAVING TIP you can pick up.

Of course, when you do, it really would be nice if you posted a comment here for others to learn from!

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  • Wow! That video was impressive!

    I noticed a number of useful pointers but one that stuck out for me was “plan your shopping”. I suspect this will not only save money but it will save a lot of time. When we value our time highly, saving time means we may in fact save a lot more money than just the amount of cash refunds from coupons.

    For now, I’ll pass this video on to my wife. However, I’m thinking there must be many ways to apply this in my “business” too.

    Thanks Marc!

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