Antimimeticisomorphism: The Modern Piggy Bank Account

Have you ever collected spare change in a jar or piggy bank? Well guess what? There’s a high tech way to do it now. Many banks and credit unions will top up your purchases on your credit card to a selected savings account – automatically.

If you buy something for $10.73, the 27 cents are rounded up and placed in your savings account. If you spend $19.95, then five cents are saved and if the total is $20,11, 89 cents are put aside for that rainy day.

Not all banks and credit unions offer this, but I am sure you could find one that can.

The benefit of doing this is the same as putting spare change in a jar, with the added benefit of compounding the interest for you automatically.

Don’t think it’s worth it? Think again.

Coinstar estimates there is $10.5 Billion in loose change in US households right now. That’s BILLION, not MILLION.

I bet if you scrounge around, you’ll find a few dollars of your own!

Add to that foreign currencies and well, you get the picture.

As I’ve said countless times, it’s all about applying the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine, doing the little things SYSTEMATICALLY that end up making a BIG difference.

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