What It Takes To MAKE You Into A Champion Can PREVENT You From Becoming One

It’s one of life’s paradoxes. What it takes to MAKE you into a Champion can PREVENT you from becoming one. That is a really deep thought. One worth reflecting on. You need the DRIVE AND WILL TO WIN, but that very drive and especially ego can PREVENT you from the goal you so aspire to achieve…

What I’m talking about it playing to WIN versus playing to IMPROVE. I often play with players who just want to WIN on the DAY. That’s it, that’s all. They don’t care about tomorrow or the next day. Winning TODAY is everything.

Winning Might Make You Into A Loser

They fail to realise that by WINNING today, they end up losing TOMORROW or NEXT MONTH when it really counts.

It’s hard to tell someone who’s driven to achieve NOT to… Even TEMPORARILY…

So hard in fact that few people can actually make the transition – it’s like a tug of war. I see it often.

TOO often. In fact I’m at the point where I can determine who’s committed to excellence and who just wants to have a hit (=fun).

When you come across someone who wants to play ANY sport or do ANY activity to IMPROVE rather than WIN – become their very best friend.

They will take you to greater heights that you could ever have imagined.

When you play to IMPROVE, you will become the BEST you can be – which is the BEST you can ever aspire to be. Chances are, THAT will make you a Champion if only in life, that would still be one helluva a victory!

There is a parallel in business that I’ll address in my Business Mastery Blog… For today, think about what I said and let it incubate in your psyche. I remember the day I had this epiphany YEARS AGO.

I still struggle to help others have this same ‘enlightenment’, but y’know what?

It’s not for everyone. Some people are not meant to be Champions and deep down down really want to be.

Fair dinkum.


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  • Hi Marc,

    we will make you an honory Aussie, with your comments last week at the Exponential Advanced Business Mastery, and now “Fair Dunkum”

    Struth mate, with your “bag of fruit” and “dog and bone” we just need to help you with a few more things and we will have you talkin like us in no time.

    Now if you weren’t “taking the raw prawn” figuratively, you may need my help.

    Eat well. Eat safe!

    Gavin Buckett

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