How To Ask For Feedback That Helps You

I teach what I call the 1 percent improvement doctrine, which basically states that you want to improve 1 percent at time, every day instead of trying to go for the ‘big kill’ and improve ‘all at once’. That being said, having a MasterMind Group helps a lot, but that requires a little more commitment and discipline.

The Fastest Way To Get Better Results

The fastest way to get better results is to ask someone who is better than you. My ‘formula’ is to do what I did this week when I played a squash pro…

“What 3 things should I focus on to improve my game so that the next time I take a lesson with you, I can already have improved?”

That narrows it down and synthesises what I call my Next Best Steps. It also makes it easy for him to summarise the 3 easiest things that would make the biggest difference. By the way – if you have more than this, it becomes confusing and self-defeating.

So there you have it – another simple and easy strategy to put into practice, the next time you practice deliberately!

2 Responses to “How To Ask For Feedback That Helps You”

  • Hi Marc,

    Thank you for your wonderful MasterMind Book. I want to apply the concept of MasterMind Groups and I prefer the informal style which is establishing a MasterMind Group without letting the members of the group know that they are part of the group so I will meet with them together and just discuss whatever I want to discuss three or four times. My question is, “Is this model a good way to apply the concept of MasterMind Groups?”

    My Second question is “Are MasterMind Groups the way to achieve multiple goals simultaneously or there are another ways to achieve multiple goals simultaneously?

    Best Regards,
    Hani Alem

  • Please refer to my Personal Master Blog for the answers – I deal with MasterMind Groups on that blog, the Mindset Of A Champion Blog is more about elite sports performance and mental toughness training strategies. If you are reading this comment and want to know more about MasterMind Groups <- Click on this hyperlink.

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