Onward and upward!

I took this photo at the start of a road trip from Sydney to Brisbane in 2009. Monica and I thought we’d drive up the coast at least once. It was a great trip – especially with the top down all the way there and back!

This photo vividly illustrates my signature sign off “Onward and upward!”

Almost 20 years ago, I read somewhere that having a unique and authentic sign off can have dramatic and long-lasting benefits. Onward and upward is what I am all about. As Anthony Robbins reminds us, “The past does not equal the future” and others have said “you don’t drive forward looking in the rear view mirror”.

All that being said, pushing “Onward and upward!” is a commitment, a philosophy, a mindset. Not one that can (or should) be embraced by everyone. It’s a responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard – especially when you don’t want to.

I come across three types of people as The Exponential Growth Strategist.

Type #1: They will never achieve their dreams or reach their ultimate destiny. They don’t give up, they just never even try, thinking it’s not worth the effort. They’re right. If they don’t believe in themselves, it won’t happen.

Type #2: They would “like” their lives to change and give it a go from time to time, but always let themselves and others down by not following through. It’s like a see saw… up and down and up and down – within a range of results/weight/effort. These are the people who have some hope, but no drive. Unless they have a “defining moment” to give them the impetus to want to do what’s necessary, it just never happens and they commiserate with Type #1.

Type #3: They are driven, focused and determined to make things happen. They enjoy the process because they know success is about the journey of (self) discovery and not a destination. They are optimistic in nature seeing setbacks as lessons to be learned. They can visualise their end goals clearly. They are “at one” with their destiny that unfolds before them one day at a time.

Which type are you?

Here’s the good news – if you’re Type #2, you can shift to Type #3. Anecdotally, I have never seen a Type 1 shift to Type 2 or Type 3. They were always Type 2 to start off with. Are these types value judgments? Yes they are. Is one type better than another? No.

We are who we are and not everyone can achieve and win the game of life, business, wealth, success. There are and always will be winners and losers. The only question is which one do you want to be?

It’s your choice if your Type #2 or #3, If you’re Type #1, there is no choice, no option. You’re not officially a loser because you can’t lose if you were never in the game, on the field, on the court.

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  • I think it takes all three kinds of people to make the world work the way it does. Type 1s and Type 2s are important, but I certainly want to be a Type 3. I like your definitions of each type, and I know lots of people who fit into each category. Very interesting way to look at the world. Good post!

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